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General Conference Handout

I decided to create a simple handout for either the young women or relief society sisters to encourage them
to prayerfully watch General Conference! As of late I have been on a bit of a nautical kick, which inspired the handout. If you want to pair a treat with the handout you could easily package up some chocolate gold coins or Nestle’s “Treasures”… (mmmmm). Also included on the handout are some “Map Markers” which are simple suggestions of how we can get the most out of watching General Conference.I took the suggestions and ideas from the LDS website, which you can find HERE.  As usual feel free to use and share my handouts! You can download a PDF file the handout for free here  http://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2013/09/saying-that-i-am-getting-excited-for.html


LDS Handout

President Monson Treasure General Conference Page

This was made to be used by littler ones to color a picture of what President Monson shares at General Conference. For early readers/writers, it is a fun notes page for them during President Monson’s talk(s). The words the prophet speaks are a treasure in our lives! There is a fun treasure chest and big peices of treasure where the kids can write or draw their notes.

This comes from http://katiesblogness.wordpress.com/ and may be used for personal or church, non-comercial use. I hope you enjoy!

LDS Handout

General Conference Bingo

This is a bingo-style conference game has 7 different cards you can use during conference to help entertain small children. Use buttons, M&Ms, or other small items to cover each block when those things are mentioned during the conference. It can also be colored in, since it’s black and white.

Copyright 2010, Intellectual Reserve. General Conference Bingo is free for printing and sharing for noncommercial use. Used by permission.

LDS Handout

General Conference Reivew Game Cards

I am using these cards for our General Conference Review game in Seminary. Each student will bring back 2 questions from the Sunday morning session of General Conference for us to review. I have invited the parents to send in some food for us to enjoy while we play our review game.

Teams could be by zones (I have 3-4 in each of three zones). I may also separate them by boys vs girls, since I have 5 of each. It depends on my mood :)