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LDS Handout

New Testament Scripture Mastery Key Phrases – Large Classroom Size Flash Cards

These are scripture mastery key phrase flash cards in classroom size. They will print on 8.5 by 11 inch paper front and back. On my printer, I have to choose “reverse printing order” on the second run to make these print correctly.

LDS Handout

Books of the New Testament Color Coded

I use these wordstrips to help my students learn the order of the books of the New Testament. We use these to compete by zone or individually. Students race to see who can order the books correctly first. This is also a good 2-5 minute time-filler if your lesson goes a little short. I laminate these and keep them in a ziplock bag ready to use whenever we need them. They are color-coded by the 5 following groups: The Gospels – RED Acts of the Apostles – BLUE Pauline Epistles – GREEN General Epistles – PURPLE Prophecy/Apocalyptic – ORANGE