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Young Women Class Presidency Binder labels

I created these binder label sets for our class presidency binders. There’s a set for each of the three classes: Beehive, Mia Maid, and Laurel, and they feature the new class symbols from the 2010 handbook.

I printed these on 8.5 x 11 inch sticker paper from Avery (product number 48165, Laser/Inkjet), and then I cut them apart with a paper cutter. Each sheet makes:

– Four 3/4 inch binder spine labels
– Four 4 x 4.25 inch binder front labels

I printed mine with a laser printer for durability. If you don’t have a laser printer, you could print these files on label paper using the clerk’s office laser printer in your local unit building.

The binder label graphics turned out beautifully when printed on a laser printer because they are vector images. You’ll also have good results with an inkjet printer, but the output quality will depend on the quality of your printer *and* they won’t be waterproof.

I checked these on A4 paper, and I think they’ll work okay as long as your printer will go edge to edge. If you need me to format them specifically for A4, please comment below.

LDS Handout

Young Women Class Presidency Training Workbook

Hello! I am the first Counselor in the YW Presidency in Thompson Station, Tn ward. Shortly after I received this calling, a new Mia Maid class presidency was called. I saw this as a great opportunity to train a new presidency so I started searching for effective ways to train them in their respective callings. So I went to the Church website and gathered the pertinent information, however I saw a gap which I filled by adding a worksheet at the bottom of each page. My end product was all the information on training YW plus the added benefit of a “hands on” approach…a worksheet. I went to PP Book and made suggestions on PP activities that would help them to become better leaders. I made suggestions on ways to implement the principles that were being taught.

We scheduled three consecutive meetings, Sunday’s at 4:00 worked out well for all of us. To begin with, I gave each presidency member, the secretary, MM Adviser a “MM Training Workbook” along with a schedule of the next three weeks, including with home spiritual assignments. I can’t tell you how much this has helped us! We now have a plan! We all have the same “vision”! We are excited about the things we have decided to do to fulfill our responsibilities to the YW whom we have been called to serve. The girls are now at the “helm” and their Adviser and I are there guiding them instead of the other way around!

LDS Handout

Beehive/Laurel/Mia Maid Class Presidency Orientation

Meaghann Y. shared this document that she created for her Beehive class presidencies. She says, “This is a copy of the binder that I put together for each member of my Beehive presidency. It could be easily altered for any other class presidencies as well.”

It has several pages of leadership instructions and, my favorite, a clear list of presidency responsibilities.

8 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, color.