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LDS Handout

Discipleship Self-Assessment D&C 4

Self Assessment- Attributes Needed to Serve the Lord D&C 4-1 Self Assessment- Attributes Needed to Serve the Lord D&C 4-1Take this self-assessment to see what qualities you might develop further in your quest to become a better servant of Jesus Christ.

Response Key
1 = never 2 = sometimes 3 = often 4 = almost always 5 = always



1. ____ I believe in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

2. ____ I trust Heavenly Father enough to accept His will and do
whatever He asks.

3. ____ I have enough faith in Jesus Christ to obtain answers to my prayers.



1. ____ One of my greatest desires is to inherit eternal life in the celestial kingdom of God.

2. ____ I feel peaceful and optimistic about the future.

3. ____ I firmly believe that someday I will dwell with God and become like Him.


Charity and Love

1. ____ I feel a sincere desire for the eternal welfare and happiness of other people.

2. ____ When I pray, I ask for charity—the pure love of Christ.

3. ____ I try to help other people when they are struggling or discouraged.

4. ____ I look for opportunities to serve other people.


Eye Single to the Glory of God

1. ____ I focus my efforts on the things of God rather than the things of the world.

2. ____ I focus my thoughts on the things of God rather than the things of the world.

3. ____ I do good things because I love God, not because I want to impress others.



1. ____ I am clean and pure in heart.

2. ____ I am chaste.

3. ____ I focus on righteous, uplifting thoughts and put unwholesome thoughts out of my mind.

4. ____ I repent of my sins and strive to overcome my weaknesses.



1. ____ I feel confident in my understanding of gospel doctrines and principles.

2. ____ I study the scriptures daily.

3. ____ I receive knowledge and guidance through the Spirit.

4. ____ I attend the temple regularly.



1. ____ I live the Word of Wisdom, as outlined in D&C 89.

2. ____ I control what I think, say, and do, even in tense or frustrating situations.

3. ____ I successfully balance schoolwork, family time, Church callings, and social life.



1. ____ I am patient with myself and rely on the Lord as I work to overcome my weaknesses.

2. ____ I am patient with the faults and weaknesses of others.

3. ____ I face problems and challenges calmly and hopefully.


Brotherly Kindness

1. ____ I am nice to others, even when they might not deserve it.

2. ____ I say positive things about others.

3. ____ I am considerate of the feelings of others.



1. ____ I know Heavenly Father lives, and I want to be like Him.

2. ____ I try to be like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in all that I think, say, and do.



1. ____ I am sincerely grateful for the blessings I receive from Heavenly Father.

2. ____ My prayers are sincere and meaningful.

3. ____ I appreciate advice and guidance from my leaders, teachers, and parents.

4. ____ I strive to be submissive to Heavenly Father’s will, whatever it may be.



1. ____ I work effectively, even when I’m not under pressure or close supervision.

2. ____ I pay a full tithe.

3. ____ I work hard until a job is finished successfully.

4. ____ I pray regularly, in public and private, alone and with my family.



Self Assessment- Attributes Needed to Serve the Lord D&C 4-1 Self Assessment- Attributes Needed to Serve the Lord D&C 4-1

LDS Handout

Unity in Service Chain Links

This is a PDF document of 5 chain links representing children holding hands. When we are doing service we are united as one and are “linked” together. We are planning a service project for the remainder of the year for the primary kids in our ward. To do service in their homes (to strengthen home and family), and in their wards or branches, and in their communities. After each act of service, that child gets to add a link to the chain that will hang around the primary room. Our goal is to have the room encircled at least once – but hopefully more times than that. This will give them a visual of how many acts of service they are doing for their Heavenly Father.
It can be printed in color or black and white which the children can color in. k