img 7869 scaled PSA: You can’t drive on ice, Bubba

PSA: You can’t drive on ice, Bubba

PSA: So here’s the thing: Nobody can drive on ice. Nobody. Not Billy Joe and his trusty Chevy, not Big Bubba and his Jeep, not Skinny Jimmy with his 4WD dually.


4WD/AWD only helps you get started if there’s something to grab. It can’t help you stop on ice. It can’t help you turn on an icy curve. It can’t create traction where there is none.

4WD/AWD are in more accidents than 2WD in ice and snow bc folks can’t figure this out. Literally the only thing that sorta helps is snow tires/chains because—traction. Traction is your only hope, Obi-Wan.

4WD can help on snow and treated roads because of weight/tires/surface area, and AWD may help you get a little traction to get started if there’s something to grab, but nothing can save you on ice except luck.

Even Jesus himself didn’t try to walk on ice.

Posted by Jenny Smith

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