LDS Mutual Activity Ideas

 LDS Service ProjectHow to Plan an LDS Youth Activity

  • Youth Activity planning page – START HERE!  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a section that lists activity ideas for mutual.  There are activities for service, missionary work, future roles, family history and temple work, scouting, communication, sports/outdoor, music/arts, physical strength, spiritual strength, and stake or multistake activities.
  • How to hold Youth Activities in a Small Ward or Branch
  • Purpose of Mutual – for leaders and class presidencies
  • Planning mutual events from
  • Planning Mutual in Two Easy Steps from
  • Tracking Posters – My neighbor in Utah had one of these, and they are great! Each has the requirements for Duty to God, Personal Progress, or Faith in God printed in detail. These are a great resource for leaders or parents to help track progress in the achievement programs of the church. They’re $2.50 (US) each, or $2.00 (US) each if bought in bulk.

Our activity ideas

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