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Question Jul 17 2014

Highlights of Kerala Tourism @

Kerala Tours Giving having breathtakingly stunning backwaters, peaceful palm-fringed splendid beach locations, green-carpeted going inclines, excellent beautiful elegance in addition to abundant plant life and animals, Kerala is amongst the most in-demand holidaymaker destinations along with stunning declares associated with Asia. This specific lovely talk about connected with Kerala, Southerly Asia is quite well-liked amid visitors, travelers, newlyweds, honeymooners, character addicts, and so forth via everywhere in the entire world.

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Handout May 22 2014

fire upload

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Handout Nov 19 2013

Scripture Tweet Worksheet

Scripture Tweet Worksheet

This file can be used to have students summarize

For example:  "Imagine you are Enos.  What would you tweet about your experience with prayer."


"Imagine you are one of the shepherds who saw angels at Christ's birth.  What would you tweet?"

You can even ask students to draw a picture they may have snapped to go along with the tweet.

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Stickers Oct 22 2013

Happy Birthday Stickers


With the help of our Facebook fans, we've created our these awesome LDS Happy Birthday stickers!

For a limited time, they are available in 4 colors: pink, blue, black, and green. The most popular color(s) will be reordered and will become a permanent part of our product collection.

Each 2 inch, full-color sticker has phrases from popular Primary birthday songs in subway art style. The word "wish" forms a candle shape with a flame.

Our birthday stickers are perfect for leaders looking for simple LDS birthday ideas. You can use them :

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Object Lesson Aug 15 2013

starburst temple work

Bring a small candy like a starburst, set it on the table and ask "who wants the candy? Who REALLY wants the candy? " Whoever seems most eager, pick for the example. Say, "Joey, (or whoever) you really want the candy. It'll make you very happy. So you can have it, but you can't use any part of your body to pick it up or unwrap it, you can only chew." So Joey'll be confused- how does he get it? Ask, is there anyone who is willing to help Joey eat the candy? See if anyone will. Afterward, talk about how the dead really want their work done but can't do it themselves. Why not?

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Handout Jul 24 2013

Missionary Birthday Albums (Elder and Sister)

I have had a lot people ask me for some creative birthday ideas for missionaries!I often hear people saying that missionary birthdays are so hard because they don't want to get their missionary anything too impractical, too big (shipping is expensive!), too boring, etc. As I have been thinking about my mission experience, I realized---  you know what? Missionary birthdays aren't all as hard as we make them out to be!I mean seriously...they really only want one thing...

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Handout Jul 12 2013

The Gold Plates

The gold plates

I am working on a clip art version of the gold plates to use for scripture mastery tracking sheets this year, and I thought it turned out pretty great.  I am using the description of the gold plates called "What Did the Gold Plates Look Like?" from the New Era.  

Gif versions do include transparency.

There are black and white, color, and coloring sheets below.  Enjoy!

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Handout Apr 07 2013

General Conference April 2013 Review Quiz

Here is the general conference review quiz I made during the conference sessions I was able to attend this April.  (There's no first session questions due to a family emergency--sorry.)

People have used this quiz in the past for family home evening and Seminary reviews. 

Versions available below with and without answers.



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Handout Mar 28 2013

Sabbath Day Women Lesson Idea

I attended a great lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and afterwards asked the teacher for copy of her lesson.  I am publishing here just the attention-getter she used.

On the board, she put up signs with the names of 5 imaginary women, who represent how we may treat the Sabbath day.  She described each of the women briefly, while asking us to think about our own activities on the Sabbath.


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Handout Mar 26 2013

Brigham Bucks

Brigham Bucks is the Seminary incentive program used by Seminary Mom, but you can use them for Seminary, Primary reverence incentives, youth activities, and much more.  Last year I used tickets for our March Madness auction, but this year I am using these bucks because tickets are just too expensive for my class of 16.  I'm hoping to laminate and reuse these Brigham Bucks next year.

The image of Brother Brigham is from

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