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Westward Movement – LDS Church History Map 6, Enlarged

This is the map of the Westward Migration of Mormon settlers.  It’s from the LDS maps section, Church History, Map 6.  

Please be aware that the church’s map is of poor quality, and the poster size (2×3 feet) is likely to print very blurry.  I would probably not go larger than 11×17 with this map.

LDS Handout

The Holy Land in New Testament Times – Bible Map 11 in classroom size

As part of my teaching of the New Testament this year, I am going to have students move a tiny cutout of Jesus Christ around a big map in order to help them visualize where Jesus is at the time of his teachings. I tried to buy a map from Distribution, but it doesn’t seem to exist. So I made my own. I made a few slight changes to make Map 11 look better for classroom use. I dimmed the background image so that the text shows up better. I also enlarged the text of some regions and cities to make it easier to see. I made the Jerusalem dot bigger. I recommend that you print the “Overlap” files if you are experiencing problems. Those files should leave a small overlap on each page for piecing together. My version prints on three 11×17 inch sheets of paper in landscape orientation, or you can print an alternate version on six 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper. The over laps should work correctly. If they don’t, please comment below and I’ll try to fix it. This was pretty difficult to do, so I hope it proves useful to other teachers as well. I also included the original map, which prints on a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.