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Book of Mormon Magic Squares – Updated for new scripture mastery passages


It’s finally finished!  Thanks to help from Russ Mays, Natalie Hill, and my own DD, Magic Squares is updated for 2013.

Here are the 2013 ryhmes we came up with:

1 Nephi 3: Prepares way for me

2 Nephi 2 – Adam fell for you

2 Nephi 2 – Free to choose

2 Nephi 9 – Be learned and wise

2 Nephi 25 – We preach of Christ

2 Nephi 28 – Eat, drink, and wait

2 Nephi 31 – Press forward till you’re done

2 Nephi 32 – Feast on Christ’s truth

2 Nephi 32 – Pray and do

Mosiah 2 – Service is cool

Mosiah 3 – As a child be

Mosiah 4 – Watch yourselves more

Alma 7 – Christ’s mission given

Alma 32 – Faith in things true

Alma 37 – Learn wisdom while Freshmen

Alma 39 – To lusts be blind

Alma 41 – Wickedness shun

Helaman 5 – Foundation built on Christ

3 Nephi 12 – Perfect thyself

3 Nephi 18 – Watch and pray, believe

Ether 12 – Trials test self

Ether 12 – Weakness humbles self

Moroni 7 – Hope in resurrection

Moroni 7 – Charity is given

Moroni 10 – For a testimony yen*

*yen  – to yearn or long for

You’ll notice that some of ours are different than Sister Tate’s version.  I’m using these because I think think they fit the pattern of the verses better.  My students have had difficulty connecting these rhymes with the meaning in the scripture mastery verses, and so when we can use actual scripture language (Like Alma 39:9), I do.

Thanks again to those who helped!  I couldn’t have done it alone.

(If you want rhymes with verses, go here: http://www.mormonshare.com/lds-clipart/book-of-mormon-scripture-mastery-…)

LDS Handout

Old Testament Magic Squares – Handout

The original Magic Squares document by Janice Lee Griffith Tate is available at the old http://si.lds.org/ in the CES Conferences Section under Old Testament. Here’s a link:

Problem is, the motions that go with the magic square are not described in the handout. I have a copy of one that a friend gave me, and I have created this handout that includes text to describe the actions.

You should also know that I have changed a couple of the original rhyming phrases to match the handout I received, notably:

Exodus 33
– OLD: “His face I see”
– NEW: “Face to face spake He”
– Why? Now includes a keyphrase from the verse, ‘face to face.’

1 Samuel 26
– OLD: “His heart is seen”
– NEW: “My heart is seen”
– Why? Personalizes the verse. You could also use “Our hearts are seen”

Job 19
– OLD: “My Redeemer I’ll be seeing”
– NEW: “In flesh I’ll be seen”
– Why? Scripture uses word ‘God’, not ‘Redeemer.’ Fixes the rhyme and uses the keyword ‘flesh’.

Malachi 4
– OLD: “Elijah restores more”
– NEW: “Hearts turn for sure”
– This change was suggested by the anonymous source of the actions. The new version hints at the key words better.

Proverbs 3
– I changed the action description to be the ASL word for trust instead of “two fists, knuckles to knuckles, with a single shake, head slightly bowed”

You can use the old or new versions — these just happen to be the actions and phrases I’m teaching my class. The blank magic squares handout is so that you can practice the magic squares during class.