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Testimony handout

Another YW leader made this cute handout to accompany YW Manual 2: Lesson 27, Strengthening your Testimony through Obedience. It is a tiny flower pot filled with candy that looks like rocks, a sun die-cut on a stick (probably a wooden skewer of some kind), with the following quote from Harold B. Lee: “The testimony you have today will not be your testimony of tomorrow. Your testimony is either going to grow and grow until it becomes as the brightness of the sun, or it is going to diminish to nothing, depending on what you do about it.� (Harold B. Lee, When Your Heart Tells You Things Your Mind Does Not Know, New Era, Feb. 1971, p. 3)

LDS Handout


This card was submitted by Becky A for use with Manual 1 Lesson 24: Prayer and Meditation It has a quote from the lesson and the scriptures to read.

“Life is fragile and therefore, should be handled with prayer.” President Harold B. Lee

2 pages, should be printed front and back for a half page folding card.