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LDS Handout

Family Information Organizer

This is another helpful organizational tool submitted by J. Pratt. He says: “If you have been dissatisfied with your PDA’s ability to record birth dates of children, group family members by head of household, or other important info — or if you have ever wanted to print a “birthday” list for all the members of your extended family, this spreadsheet may come in handy.”

Excel Instructions

Note: use the counter-clockwise arrow in the toolbar or “Ctrl” + “Z” to undo any mistake.

Birthday Lists
1. Select a birthdate under the “Birth day and mo.” field (which also says “Birthday” at the top.)
2. Click the A-Z icon in the toolbar.
3. Under the “View” menus, select “Custom Views”, and select “Birthday List”.
4. This can also be done for anniversaries. Select a cell under “Anniversary” and then click the A-Z icon.
5. Print
6. Return to the main screen by returning to “Custom Views” and selecting “View All”

To sort Alphabetically
1. Select a cell under the yellow titles
2. Under the “Data” menu, select “Sort”.
3. Under “Sort by” select “Head of Household”
4. Under “Then by” select “Birth Year”
5. (Optional: under the final “then by”, select “family name”–this will put the head of the household first).
6. Click OK.

Address Lists
1. Under the “View” menu, select “Custom Views”, and select “Addresses”.
2. Return to the main screen by selecting “View All” as before.

To find a certain name:
1. Type “Ctrl” + “F” (or use the Edit menu for “Find”)
2. Type in the name. Click “find next” as many times as you need.

To update ages at the beginning of a new year:
1. Select a single cell on the “Family Information” sheet.
2. Type “Ctrl” + “F” (or use the Edit menu for “Find”)
3. Click “replace”
4. Type the former year in the “find what” field and type the current year in the “replace with” field
5. Click “replace all”

To add a new family:
1. Complete a “Family Name” only for the head of the household.
2. Complete the “Head of Household” column for every member of the family.
3. Address and anniversary information only needs to entered once for the head of the household.
4. To copy and paste an equation for “age”, find a cell with the age in it,
point with the mouse near the lower-right corner of that cell until you see a “+” sign appear, and then
click & drag the mouse downward to the new cell (or you can just use “copy” and “paste”).
5. This can be done to add the same “Head of Household” name to the family members, too.
Don’t have any blank rows between families.

Custom Lists
1. By selecting multiple columns and right-clicking, select “hide” and “unhide” for the columns you want.
2. In the auto-filter’s drop down menu, select the “nonblanks” option to further refine your list.
3. Do not use “hide” and “unhide” for horizontal rows.
4. When inserting a column, uncheck the “auto-filter” box found in the Data menu. You can turn it back on afterwards.
5. You can add it to the Custom Views (click “add”).

Excel can be finicky, so backup this file often.

(This bears repeating: Excel can be finicky, so backup this file often!!! – Jenny)