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LDS Handout

Adamic Language handout

One of my students asked a question today about the Adamic tongue that wasn’t answered in the scriptures. His question was so sincere and showed such an interest in the topic that I made this little handout with some more information for him. This sheet does not have the answer to his question either, but it has information taken from LDS.org about the topic.

Promise, there’s nothing earth shaking or of suspicious sources here. And I did cite the references.

I’m not sure that I’d really use it during a class, unless it was a daily Institute class, or unless a student had a particular question. I’m posting it to back it up and in case any one else has an interest in the topic.

LDS Handout

Make Your Words Soft and Sweet….

Lindsey E. “Prior to the lesson I created a poster with this saying on it, “Make your words soft and sweet because you may have to eat them.” All of the words were hand-written except for ‘soft’ which was written with mini marshmallows and ‘sweet’ which was written with sugar (you can use sugar cubes).

“I attached this hand out to a mini sandwich bag which contained some tiny marshmallows and a little bit of sugar so the girls would remember it.”

4 per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, color.