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LDS Handout

52 Journaling Questions

This list of 52 journaling questions is from Seminary Mom.

    1. What have been the happiest times of your life? Why?
    2. What special thing happened to you in the last week?
    3. What’s fun about yourself that makes you smile when you think about it?
    4. If you had three desires granted from the Lord, what would they be and
    5. What are your best strengths that get you through hard times?
    6. What is your favorite story and why?
    7. If there were no tomorrow, what would you do today?
    8. What is the most important piece of information you’ve picked up from life so
    9. If you could create something very beautiful for the world, what would it
    10. If you could create something very beautiful for your future spouse, what
    would it be?
    11. What kind of person will you become today for your spouse in the future?
    12. If you discovered a new star in the heavens, what would you name it?
    13. What makes you most happy?
    14. What is the smell that makes you feel safe and cared for?
    15. What new things would you like to do?
    16. What future memory or dream do you want to keep playing over and over in
    your head?
    17. What do you want your future children to know about you today?
    18. What is the greatest experience you ever had?
    19. What do you want your children to learn?
    20. What do you believe in?
    21. What is the best free advice you have to offer?
    22. What kinds of people do you like most?
    23. If you could give a beat of your life to someone, whom would it be?
    24. What do you appreciate the most about your parents?
    25. What is your favorite character from the Book of Mormon and why?
    26. How are you like your favorite character in the Book of Mormon?
    27. What is the best thing that could ever happen to you?
    28. What can you do to enjoy your life more?
    29. If you could make a movie or write a book that would change the world,
    what would it be about?
    30. What is the song within you that yearns to come out?
    31. When you are angry, what do you wish you would do instead?
    32. What is your most valuable treasure and why?
    33. What do you think you’ll remember most about your high school years?
    34. What do you wish you could forget about your high school years?
    35. What is one of the hardest things about being in high school?
    36. What will be one really great thing in life once you’ve graduated from high
    37. What do you like to do to have fun?
    38. What has been your most memorable church youth activity so far?
    39. What are you most concerned about growing up?
    40. Someone has given you a million dollars. What would you do with it?
    41. What new land or place would you like to go to?
    42. Where do you want to live when you have a family and why?
    43. Were you ever lost? What happened?
    44. On a day to day basis, who do you think about the most? Why do you think
    that is?
    45. Which flower represents your personality the most? Why?
    46. Which color represents your personality the most and why?
    47. What is your hardest memory?
    48. Who intrigues you the most right now and why?
    49. If you could give the Hurricane Katrina victims one thing right now, what
    would it be and why?
    50. In all of language, what is the most beautiful word you know?
    51. When are the times you feel most like hiding? Why?
    52. Who has had the greatest impact in your life so far?