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LDS Handout

Mormon Jeopardy Game

Hi! My name is Madison, and I have sent things to you before. I use your site all the time and first of all, want to thank you for that!!! I have a Jeopardy game powerpoint. I don’t know if you can use powerpoints or not, but this is soooo cute! Have a look at it and email me back!

—Madison B.

(This game would require a laptop computer to play, and probably a projector. Projectors are usually available from your Stake Technician. The idea is cute, and the linked pages make it very easy to play. -Jenny)

LDS Handout

Sunday School Jeopardy Review

I was asked to sub for the 12-13 year old Gospel Doctrine (Preparing for Exaltation) class this Sunday. The Sunday School president wasn’t sure which lesson the class was on, so I fell back on my old CTR jeopardy game to do a class review game.

Step 1I printed the jeopardy rules

Step 2Then I printed pages 3-4 of the CTR jeopardy game.

Step 3Then I created the file listed below with questions to ask. Topics are Jesus Christ, Prayer, Receiving Revelation, Plan of Salvation, and Living the Gospel. The questions are based on several of the lessons from the first half of the manual.