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LDS Handout

Judges Worksheet – Modern and Ancient Israel

I am using this worksheet in my Seminary class to teach the illustration in the Old Testament Resource Manual on page 113. Instead of using the board, I will have each student fill out this worksheet during class.

There are 3 sets of bricks on the cutouts sheet. 2 on the left side, and 1 running vertically on the right. They are not in order.

See the answers page for the answers.

I did make some changes to the chart on page 113. I added the definition of Idolatry from an earlier lesson and added in a phrase about loving money to match the “tribute” block a little better. I also changed the direction of the arrows because I think the chart in the manual implies a step-by-step causality that doesn’t seem quite accurate to me. If my changes really bother you, just don’t use it :)