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I Know The Scriptures are True

I am sharing art for the Children’s Sacrament meeting 2011. Please ask your readers who use this to visit my blog and make a short comment telling me the name of their ward or branch and where it is located. The art is free to use, but must not be used for commercial purposes. My name and copyright symbol must remain on each copy made. It’s a fun little hobby for me each year to see where my art is used.
Vickie Snow


2011 Scripture Reading Chart Bookmark

Our ward loved your “I have read the scriptures every day in 2011!” chart, but we were also giving a bookmark to the kids and decided we wanted a bookmark chart. SO…after reading another similar comment by one of your readers, I took the art you provided (THANK YOU!!!) and formatted it to be a two-sided (foldable) bookmark. I hope it helps others out there…even though it’s coming in at the “eleventh hour”! :)

LDS Handout

I know the Scriptures are True – Logo, Bookmarks, Binder Inserts, and Leader Handouts

These files will help Primary leaders with the new theme, I know the Scriptures are True.

Files include:

– Bookmarks with the monthly themes (JPG and PDF); perfect for teachers and leadership training handouts. They’d be great laminated!

– Logo – designed by me!

– 2011 Leadership Handout / Binder Insert – this file can be printed for each member of a Primary presidency. It could also be a handout for a Stake Primary Leader training.

I’ve added graphics in French (translation provided by a user) and Spanish (translation provided by http://babelfish.yahoo.com/). Please let me know if you see a problem with them, as neither is my native language.