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LDS Handout

Get to Know You – LDS Bingo

Here are a TON of bingo cards you can use for any activity as a get to know you style game.

This bingo game is called “Find Someone Who…”. Each player receives a bingo card and a pencil. They go throughout the group finding people who meet the criteria in each space. Write the name of the person in the box. You can play until someone gets bingo (five in a row, any direction), or until someone gets blackout (all boxes have names), depending on the size of your group and how much time you have.

Each page has 2 bingo cards. There are 5 pages of cards in each set.

Generic – good for mixed groups of members/nonmembers, adults/children, adults, Relief Society, Priesthood, etc.

Youth Bingo – good for mixed groups of young men and young women

YW Bingo – especially for young women