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LDS Handout

American Idol Standards Night Script

Jechelle S. shared this script she wrote that uses the American Idol format to teach Standards from For the Strength of Youth.

The script calls for 10 youth contestants who each teach about a different standard through their speeches. There are also the 3 adult judges and an announcer, and there’s a place at the end for a Stake President or Bishop to speak. The contestants are:

Ace “I’m Too” Young
Bucky “I’m so Lucky” Covington
Chris “Naughty” Daughtry
Elliott “Jammin” Yamin
Katharine “Swear Free” McPhee
Kellie “In a Pickle” Pickler
Kevin “Going to Heaven” Covais
Lisa “Tuck your Shirt In” Tucker
Paris “Bend the Truth” Bennett
Taylor “Questionable Flicks” Hicks

You can read Jechelle’s description of the activity here.

Jechelle would like to hear from anyone that uses the script, especially if you make any improvements or changes. Her email can be found at the end of the script document.

14 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.