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LDS Handout

Feet Outlines – Follow in Faith

Carrie N. shared these feet outlines. Here’s how her unit used them: “We wanted to literally have a foot path of us ‘following in faith’ … so we printed these feet on card stock and cut out these feet and let the kids write their name, color and decorate them – one to a child, (Making sure they were all facing the right direction), and we put them all around the primary room so that it looks like they are walking toward the center of the room – where there is a picture of Christ teaching the children. I made a template for the other ward that shares our building, so our ward used one side of the room, the other primary used the opposite side of the room, and we all meet at Christ’s feet. It’s pretty cool … there are over 120 ‘feet’ walking toward Christ. Oh! We also made feet for our inactive members, so that when they do come, they’ll feel included and loved! “

1 set per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.