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Come Follow Me Reading Assignment Sheet – Aaronic Priesthood- May – Prophets

Here are some Come Follow Me Weekly Reading Assignment cards for the Aaronic Priesthood.  These are for May CFM lessons on Prophets.  There is a page of cards for each of the weekly lesson topics.  Print enough copies of the page so that each member of your class can have a card to take home. What you’ll find on each card:

  • color thumbnail image that corresponds with the ones on the website to help you keep track of the cards
  • topic question
  • topic introduction
  • scripture references
  • additional reading from True to the Faith or For the Strength of Youth where applicable (General Conference talks are usually eliminated)
  • 3 cards per page (new formatting saves on paper)
  • pullout with focus questions for the next lesson (new)

Be sure that you adjust your printer settings so that you only print the page that contains the weekly reminder card that you want to use, or you’ll be printing a lot of extra stuff! :-)

How to use these cards:

You might:

  • Hand them out at the end of class with a reading.  You can assign all or part of the reading.  Do you want students to work on their Duty to God or Personal Progress?  Do you want them to focus on the True to the Faith reading?  Should they read only one or two scriptures?  Instruct your students to circle the assigned reading for next week’s lesson. 
  • Give a copy to a YW/AP/SS teacher to let him or her know what you are teaching or have already taught.
  • Offer a reward for anyone who can answer one of the bolded questions at the beginning of the next class.
  • Use the bolded questions for a journaling assignment.

Primary Printables


I have made a lot of different handouts for young women and now missionary work (find here).Lately, I have received a lot of requests for primary printables.Of course I was thrilled to create some!When I was serving in the primary, I found a love for the primary songs and decided to use them as my inspiration for these printables. Download them here!http://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2013/03/i-am-child-of-god.html

LDS Handout

The Nephite Cycle of Righteous and Wickedness poster

This poster is from the Book of Mormon Institute manual. I have enlarged the graphic and important text to make it possible to use the image as a visual aid during class.

http://institute.lds.org/content/languages/english/Institute%20of%20Reli… (Page 414)

Copyright 2011, Intellectual Reserve. Used by permission.