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LDS Handout

Body and Spirit Connection – Health Care in the Home

Kari G has some ideas for Manual 1, Lesson 40: Health Care in the Home. The handout includes the True/False questions from the lesson.

She also says:

    “I will draw an outline of a body on the board and write the words, ‘happy, energetic, fun-to-be around, etc…’ on it.

    “I will cover it with a paper body outline and write the words, “sick, tired, feverish, pain” on it.

    “We will discuss how when our body doesn’t feel well, it can affect our spirit. I will talk about the paper figure and how she might be acting, etc… — then lift off the paper outline and show what this Young Women would really be like if she felt well. I think this whole section of lessons deals with the connection between the body and spirit. If we can take care of our bodies, our spirits feel better. I’m going to bring the scriptures in when Christ healed the sick. Helping others feel better is a Christ-like characteristic — which will help to lift their spirit also.”

Write the scripture found in D&C 38:30 on the First Aid/BandAid clipart image to make a handout.

2 pages, Black and White/Color, 8.5 x 11 inches.