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I love to see the temple

My fabulous friend, Jaime, is a convert to the church and has always wanted to go to Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  So, when she finally saw it for the first time her excitment couldn’t be contained.  Luckily I captured it in this photo!  When I see her jump for joy at merely the sight of the temple, I’m reminded of how I should feel EVERYTIME I see and/or go to the temple.  This is a great reminder of the joy that comes from living a virtuous life going to the temple!

Molly Neal, YW Leader

Yakima, WA


LDS Handout

Interactive Family Group Record

I work in the temple and do records verification, and patrons are supposed to bring in their own Family Group Records for various reasons, and many times they either forget, or what they have presented has to be redone. I re-created a Family Group Record in Microsoft Excel version 2010 as an ‘interactive’ form.

Susan G.


Family Photo Tree

This was created from the inspiration of my father. When I asked him how to get Young Women excited about their own family history and temple work, he told me that we needed to make a poster with pictures of their ancestors. That way they would see them as real people, very similar to themselves.

This is a simple family tree made with scrapbook paper, circle punches, photos (or copies), scissors, and glue sticks. It is really that easy!

Our Young Women made these last night and I couldn’t get them to stop. Now they have a poster to put on their wall that will remind them of those who paved the path for them to follow.

LDS Handout

Family History Scavenger Hunt

The purpose of this activity is for members to familiarize themselves with the New FamilySearch (nFS) web site (new.FamilySearch.org) while they explore their family tree.

The questions range in difficulty and subject matter. They are designed to introduce the nFS site, to help members learn about their progenitors and to spark interest in future, continued research.

There are many ways this handout could be used. Here are a few suggestions:

  • as a follow-up activity after a special family history lesson or nFS demonstration
  • as a part of the Family History Sunday School course
  • as a preparatory activity leading up to a “Family History Night” ward activity where members could share stories or experiences
  • as a Young Womens value experience
  • as a Duty to God requirement
  • as a Family Home Evening activity

I’m sure there are other ways the handout could be used. Be creative! Whatever the use, however, an explanatory cover sheet will probably be needed. Simply create one that outlines your objectives and gives instructions to the recipients.

Remember: Family History CAN be fun!