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Manual 3 Lesson 36 – Keep your Eyes on Marriage Partner

This cute handout was submitted by D. Burke. It has the handout from the lesson — rimmed spectacles with text on the lenses that says “Look closely as you eye your prospective marriage partner. You will be yoked together for eternity. Be sure you have your eyes on the same goals.” along with the scripture reference 2 Corinthians 6:14.

Sister Burke says:

    “I printed them out on cardstock and cut them, then hung them with blue ribbon”

3 per page. Color.

LDS Handout

A Year of FHE – Family Home Evening Book: My Eternal Family

This document was emailed to me by Noelle L., who doesn’t know the original source. It’s 118 page document with Family Home Evening Ideas for an entire year relating to the “My Eternal Family” theme. It’s chock full of games, stories, recipes, and lots more, but my version of word says the file is damaged.


Melanie emailed me, and the original file is found at SugarDoodle. You can download it here:


where you should be able to get it error free.

LDS Handout

Husband Resume

Tennisa N. says, “This is a handout I created for YW Manual 3, Lesson 4, Preparing to Become an Eternal Companion. The idea is to first give the YW the Resume to fill out with what they desire in their future husbands. Then after they have completed their wish list, you give them the Kimball Quote card (cut out and folded in half to be the size of a business card) and a paper clip. They cover the word Husband on the top of the resume page so it reads ‘Resume for My Future’, paper clip the quotes in place covering the word Husband. The resume sections correspond with Pres. Kimball’s quotes. This lets the YW know that they too need to prepare to be all that they are expecting to find in an eternal companion.”


2 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.