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Manual 1 Lesson 22

This handout was submitted by a user and has the following quote from the lesson by Sterling W. Sill: “God… has a pencil with an eraser on it and he has promised us that he will use it if we will repent and change our ways…He has said that if we would forsake our evil and thoroughly make up our minds against it, then he would wash it out of his mind and just forget the whole thing. Of course, he expects that we will wash it out of our minds also.”

Here are the instructions: “This quote is in the lesson 22 titled: Repentance… I printed this qoute out on card stock and then attached a pencil with a brightly colored eraser on it. It went very well with the lesson and hopefully will be a reminder to my girls about erasing the sins in their life and then rewriting the things they do in their life in a better way.”