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Combined Laurel / Relief Society Transition Poster

This sounded like a really well-thought out Relief Society Activity. The poster describes a special evening meeting with the theme “Serving in the Family”. Items of note or topics for discussion include meeting the Relief Society President, fulfilling your family’s spiritual needs, motivation to do chores and homework and helping older family members, and serving grown children or grandchildren.

This seems like it would be a great way for women of many ages to interact with the purpose of strengthening families.

Relief Society Bingo

This game was submitted by Kristy T. She says:

I facilitate a lot of meetings at work, so I’ve leveraged some fun icebreakers in different church settings with great results. I made this as an icebreaker for our RS Birthday Dinner, and the sisters really loved it. In fact, they didn’t want to stop playing after we had our first winner, so we allowed two additional bingo winners and one “black out” winner.

The way it works is you pass out one to every sister. It’s a great thing to do at the beginning while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive – it gets people mingling.

The rules are:

1. You find someone who meets the criteria of a square on your Bingo card and have them sign their name on your card.

2. You can only use a person once on your card.

You might want to make it fun by offering small prizes for the winners.

I created it in Powerpoint, so that people can edit it.

*** Jenny says: You can edit a PowerPoint file by downloading following the Open Office link at the top of this page, and downloading or installing OpenOffice for free. ****

Manual 1 Lesson 7

This cute handout was submitted by Laurel C. It features a photograph she took and a beautiful quote. Laurel says: I am using a story from ‘Sunshine for the Latter-day Saint Mother’s Soul’. It’s called ‘It never gets better than this’ by Ardith Kapp. The quote goes along with the story but I think it works even without it. Hope it helps!”

Thanks, Laurel!

LDS Handout

cRaZy Huge list of Food Storage Recipes

My friend Jillyne K. gave me this selection of files. A former Stake Preparedness Specialist, Jillyne is a local celebrity famous for expertise in food storage, rotation, and use. She has amassed a huge collection of food storage recipes. Among the favorites are her very best bread recipes, Mrs. Field’s cookie recipe, fudgescicles using food storage pudding, homemade cleaning products, and many many more.

These files would make great handouts at an Emergency Preparedness Fair, Enrichment Activity, or they could be used as part of an Emergency Preparedness CD provided to all members of the ward.

LDS Handout

How to be a 10 Cow Woman

This Enrichment Night Activity Idea was submitted by Cathy from England. She says, “In 2 weeks I am doing an Enrichment class on ‘How to be a 10 cow woman’. Firstly we will watch Johnny Lingo. then we will have a class on MOO-SIC apreciation which will cover the importance listening to good music. Then we have a class on Mad Cow, which will cover Emotional well-being. Then the 3rd class is Holy Cow which will cover spiritual development.All three teachers are excellent in the area that i have given them. after each class the sisters will be given 3 stickers to put on a card which has a picture of a cow on it saying “im a 10 cow woman” after all 3 classes I will give then a final sticker to make up 10. I have sent you the posters and the handouts and class posters so you can see how i presented each class and advertised.”

LDS Handout

Stay Balanced

This handout was submitted by A. Taylor to correspond with Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 41. It lists several ways to keep our lives in balance from the New Era article found in the Resource Guide. The ideas are:

    Put the Lord first in your life. Always make time to pray, and read the scriptures daily.

    Get organized. Make a “to do” list or a schedule.

    Prioritize. Decide which things are most important and do those first.

    Write important events on a calendar and refer to it frequently.

    Keep the Sabbath day holy. You might not think there are enough hours in the day to do all you need to do, but remember Sunday is the Lord’s day, and He will bless you if you are obedient.

    “Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means … but be diligent unto the end” (D&C 10:4). Make the best use of the time you have, and consider eliminating less-important activities.

    Ask for help. Turn to your family, friends, or teachers if your load becomes unbearable and you don’t know what to do.

    Pray for help. Heavenly Father knows the pressures you are under, and He can help ease your burdens.

    Listen to the Spirit. You might feel prompted to do something you hadn’t planned on doing.

    In all your scheduling, don’t book every minute of your day. Leave time for family, for service, and to just relax and be yourself.