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Serve Him – Heart Might Mind Strength

This logo can be used on Youth Conference T shirts or whatever else for the 2015 mutual theme.  You have my permission to use it on any item you will not sell for profit.  It shows the #serveHim with a heart, lightning (might), head (mind), and buff arm (strength).

Please don’t remove my URL, and please don’t edit this file and pretend it’s yours.

Embark in the Service of God

Embark – Heart, Might, Mind, Strength

These images were created to go with the 2015 mutual theme: Embark in the service of God.  The images are from the verse D&C 4:2, which mentions serving God with your heart, might, might, and strength.

You can use these images on stuff you won’t sell for profit.

Please don’t alter them and put them on your website and pretend that they are yours.  We hates that.