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Family Photo Tree

This was created from the inspiration of my father. When I asked him how to get Young Women excited about their own family history and temple work, he told me that we needed to make a poster with pictures of their ancestors. That way they would see them as real people, very similar to themselves.

This is a simple family tree made with scrapbook paper, circle punches, photos (or copies), scissors, and glue sticks. It is really that easy!

Our Young Women made these last night and I couldn’t get them to stop. Now they have a poster to put on their wall that will remind them of those who paved the path for them to follow.

LDS Handout

Relief Society Birthday Dinner Handout

This is a a framed plaque we gave each of our Sisters for our Relief Society Birthday Dinner. We got wood 5 x7 frames at the Dollar store and printed the quote of beige card stock. Then cut out the area for the picture. Printed the picture on photo paper and assembled the plaque.