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LDS Handout

Covenants Bookmark

This beautiful set of bookmarks was submitted by Toni B to accompany YW Manual 1, Lesson 17. It has a quote by George Q Cannon that reads: “When we went forth into the waters of baptism and covenanted with our Father in Heaven to serve Him and keep His commandments, He bound Himself also by covenant to us that He would never desert us, never leave us to ourselves, never forget us, that in the midst of trials and hardships, when everything was arrayed against us. He would be near unto us and would sustain us. That was His covenant, and…we can tie to the promises that He has made”

Toni printed these on cardstock and then mounted them on printed paper to make bookmarks.

NOTE: if you are trying to print the DOC version, and the font comes out funny, go to dafont.com to download and install the Angelina font. Otherwise, just print the PDF.

4 per page, black and white.

Thanks, Toni!

Make Your Life Movie – Friend

Instructions: Make a “movie” of your life-to-be. Mount [the image below] on heavy paper, fill in the blank, cut out the display frame and two picture strips, then tape Picture A over Picture B (if you’re a girl; vice versa, if you’re a boy). Cut the two dashed-line slots in the display frame. Insert the left side of the picture strip from behind into the right slot and then into the left slot. (Optional: You may now want to tape the left edge of the title picture to the right edge of the last picture to make a continuous reel.) Pull the strip or reel through the display frame to show your personal story.

My Faith in Jesus Christ Grows When I Make and Keep Sacred Covenants

Make a Movie of Your Personal Story

I, ________________________, covenant with the Lord when …
(write your name)

I am baptized.

I take the sacrament.

I go to the temple.