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Living Righteously Amid Pressures: Personal Goliaths

I was really excited to be able to teach the girls this past week. Initially, I was really struggling as I tried to determine what to teach. As soon as I came across the Ensign Article from President Monson, “Facing Your Goliaths”, I just knew it was what what my girls were supposed to hear. The lesson turned out great. The spirit was so strong as we discussed some of the “Goliaths” we as women often face.

The girls named off things like…

Personal Image
Making and Keeping Good Friends

The spirit was definitely present as we discussed the “5 Stones” that we can use in
order to fight and defeat our “Goliaths” in battle. Throughout the lesson I testified of Heavenly Father’s personal love for each of the girls.

I actually used some stones and made some cute handouts out of candy rocks. For more details visit http://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2012/08/courage-each-fast-sunday-we-h…