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Idea for Young Women Leader Christmas Gift

I created these files to make some 6×6 inch display cards for a Christmas gift I made for the YW leaders I serve with. They have each of the young women values with the corresponding scripture and motto.

I don’t suggest that you actually use the JPG versions of these files. They’re just here for reference, or you might cut them up and use them to make something that fits on a regular sheet of paper. (these are formatted for 12×12 inch scrapbook paper.

(If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can edit the PDF to fit any size paper. If you are a pro with Photoshop, you can probably make it work for you, too.)

Before you print

Please note these are formatted for 12×12 inch paper, or 4 cards per sheet. Don’t try to print them on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper or your results will be bad.

How I used these files

I was walking through the store yesterday trying to find something for the women I serve with in the YW presidency, when this idea came to mind: a YW Teacher’s Emergency Kit! I wanted it to be small enough to fit inside the bags that we all bring to church, but I also wanted it to have most of the things that a teacher might need in a pinch. Here’s what I came up with…

YW Teacher’s Kit:
– Pencil box
– 10 pens
– 1 medium notepad
– 5 marble magnets with YW torch
– box of Tic Tacs
– one folding easel
– one bag of tissues

I also included some 6×6 inch cards that can be displayed on the easel. That’s what these files are.

The sheet with the 1 inch torches are what I used to make the YW Torch marble magnets.

Creation Notes

The YW Torch MagnetsI read a couple of different websites to figure out what kind of glue to use on the glass marble magnets. You need something that dries clear and is flexible. It should say on the package that it adheres to smooth surfaces like glass. I used a brand called “Weldbond”, b/c it fit the criteria and was cheap. :)

I also used the larger 1.25 inch flat marbles, not the smaller .5 inch ones. The sheet I used is attached to this node. I printed mine with my laser printer (so the ink wouldn’t bleed) on regular old copy paper.

I made 15 magnets and used the larger flat glass marbles. I used the 3/4 inch size for strength. I had LOTS left over, so even though I paid $7.00 for the project, I’ve got 35 magnets left out of 50 for another project.

The website Not Martha was really helpful for me in making the magnets since I am Crafting Challenged.

The Value Display Cards I printed these on pearlescent coated textured scrapbook papers. I wouldn’t do that again. It really changed the color of the black ink, and I didn’t like the look. But at 60 cents/sheet — there ain’t no going back now.

The Pencil Boxes I used navy blue because that’s what they had. I also bought some letter stickers to put on the boxes so that the ladies could tell theirs apart. The letters are for the inital letter of their first names.

The Easels These were back in the easel section by the photographs in Michaels. Even though these are the 2 inch size, they will easily hold a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Kit upright, and they fold flat. Love them! (They won’t hold a regular sheet of paper up, tho — it’s gotta be cardstock weight to stay up.)


– 8, 12×12 scrapbook papers 60 cents each ($4.80)
– 3, really nice easels 3.99 each ($12.00)
– 50 bulk stick pens ($2.49)
– pencil boxes 1.00 each ($3.00)
– Tic Tacs 1.00 each ($3.00)
– Tissues, 3 pack ($1.00)
– Marbles ($2.49)
– Magnets ($6.99)
– Glue ($2.99)

TOTAL COST: $38.80

LDS Handout

Keeping Christ in Christmas

We made up this skit for Super Saturday 2009 followed by a Christmas song. The skit reminds us in a humorous way of the things we can do to keep Christ in Christmas. A lot of people in our area are bilingual so the “mas”at the beginning of the play goes in Christmas. You can insert names of people in your ward to personalize it.