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LDS Handout

Keeping Christ in Christmas

We made up this skit for Super Saturday 2009 followed by a Christmas song. The skit reminds us in a humorous way of the things we can do to keep Christ in Christmas. A lot of people in our area are bilingual so the “mas”at the beginning of the play goes in Christmas. You can insert names of people in your ward to personalize it.

LDS Handout

I Chose to Follow Christ

This file was submitted by Jill B. to coordinate with Primary Manual 2, Lesson 4: I Chose to Follow Christ. It could be used as a class activity or as a great FHE activity and lesson for children.

Make a copy of this handout for each child. Then get pictures to represent the pre-earth life, Savior, the CTR Shield, and a primary class. Print or reduce them on a photocopier so they’ll fit in the appropriate space on the handout. During the lesson have each child cut out the pictures and glue them on the page.

You could use the following clipart with this file:

CTR Shields
Pre-Earth Life
Images of the Savior
Primary Class – make sure only the “Photos” box is checked and type “Primary” in the search box to find lots of pictures of Primary kids.