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LDS Handout

Sample Ward Bulletin – I used Microsoft Publisher to Create this

I have had this calling several months. I like using Publisher for it because I can save portions of the program, tables, etc. in the content library by right clicking and choosing ‘add to content library’. Then when I want to use them later, I go to Insert at the top, choose ‘Item from content library’, and everything I have saved pops up again. I often find pictures off the internet to embellish my work. It makes it a fun and fulfilling calling for me.

LDS Handout

I am a Child of God Sacrament Meeting Presentation Program Covers

I’ve made a series of program covers for the 2013 Primary theme, I am a Child of God. There’s no year written on these covers so they can be used at any time.

Have the students in your Primary draw a self-portrait of themselves in the box on each cover. If you’d like parents to be able to have a copy of the program cover to take home for their remembrance books, just have each child write their name on the program cover and make a short announcement for members to hand their programs to the parent or child whose name appears on the cover.

This uses our I am a child of God oval with the words I am a child of God in Spanish, Hebrew, French, Chinese simplified, Ukranian, German, and Danish.

These are available in black and white, ready for printing, (shown below) or with a little bit of pink or blue color for the ambitious.