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LDS Handout

Family Budget and Expense Record

This document was submitted by John P. — thanks! It has budget forms for a married LDS couple that includes tithing calculators, spouse expense records, needs and wants, an annual review page, and a loan calculator all in one Excel spreadsheet file. It also calculates “available funds” based on your entries.

This file would be useful for those teaching lessons on budgeting, or for those seeking to improve their budgeting skills simply.

Available as a PDF or XLS.

LDS Handout

Are You Ready to Be On Your Own? Budget Activity

This extrememly well-planned budgeting activty was submitted by Shelley C. She says the activity was very successful. This file includes posters, invitations, handouts, and instructions for the activity. Read the full activity description here.

printing directions for each page
life print on white (copy in pink and blue representing boys and girls) – draw diagram of where each station is at on back of sheet put in life bag

Budget sheet – print on white – photocopy enough for everyone in class

Teen Budget – print on white – give out at end of night

credit cards – print in color on white cardstock – Personalize with names of active members, make extra blanks,cut out glue credit register to back and put in life bag

credit register – for activity purposes print on white and glue to back of credit card and tri-fold it up behind it

savings cover – print B/W on colored cardstock (blue) cut to 6″ wide and 3-1/2″ high
savings reg – print on white glue inside of savings cover

ckbk cover – print B/W on colored cardstock cut to 7″ wide (note the name is centered for this size) cut in half horizontally, then fold each cover in half

register – print on white fold just above the second title line and then in half again, use double stick tape or glue stick and attach to top inside cover of ckbk cover

checks – change name on first check – automatically fills name in on other checks print on white

deposit front- print on yellow change name on first deposit slip automatically changes on other slips

deposit back – print on back of deposit front checks in – change names on each check to personalize or leave blank for write in’s print on golden rod paper – these are the pay for their jobs

Print Life cards and Life bills and Life checks (each card goes with a bill or a check) place in envelopes for helper 2 to distribute randomly throughout the evening I put color labels on the front of each envelope that said “Life Happens Card”

The game of Life 2nd job checks – print on green paper – give (6) to each booth in mall that are “Fun” booths to give to any youth that volunteers to help their leader out for at least 10 min.

Expense PD Cards – print in color on white cardstock – give to required payment booths to indicated money paid.

The food court and the Boutique printed out coupons and ran sales during the evening as well.

I couldn’t get all the pages to print perfectly to PDF. You can try to change margins, etc, if you have MSOffice’s Excel, or you can download OpenOffice for free by following the instructions at the top of the page. – j.

LDS Handout

The Amazing Knowledge Race

This document was submitted by Shelley C. to accompany her activity, The Amazing KNOWLEDGE Race. Basically, this is a list of 3 tasks to use for a life skills activity based on the television show, The Amazing Race.

Shelley says, “Here are the files for the Task Envelopes and the scripture clues that were used for the night. We live in a small town, so we only have 1 of everything, the clues might need to be more specific if someone in a larger town uses them. … I printed [the Road Block] on red paper and it worked great.”

This could be used as an Enrichment activity, too, if it suits your Relief Society.