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Happy House Box

This folding box was created by Chrissy M. Of this handout she says:

    The end of the lessons Asks the young women to consider the eternal nature of the spirit dwelling within their bodies. Encourage them to make certain that their spirits have comfortable, healthy homes in which to live so they might thrive and progress to the very limit of their capacity and realize the greatest promise of all–celestial life. I have prepared a graphic that ties this into the Sunday lesson helps from Harold G. Hilam’s article on “Not for the Body.”

    It is a house to be printed on cardstock. The top flap folds in half to make the roof.

Could be filled with a treat or a scripture message.

1 per page, 8.5x 11 inches, color.

Temple Box

This temple box makes a great handout or visual aid for many different lessons.

Print the image on cardstock (If you use your printer’s “best” ink setting, the moisture in the ink will cause the paper to soften where the ink is heaviest, making it EASY to fold straight lines.)

Fold the flaps, and fold along the walls, floor, and ceiling to form a box.

The roof is left blank so that you can write a scripture or thought from your lesson on it. You can also cut the flaps that support the roof off to make a box that can hold something — a handout, small treat, etc.

Finished temple box.

——-USER TIP————
Jennifer H. says, “For YW Manual 2 Lesson 15, I used the temple box found on your website. I printed it out on velum paper which made it a little more special than plain white paper. At the end of the lesson, I passed out the uncut boxes and scissors. I had each girl turn it upside down and write “I Will Prepare” on the roof (when folded it will end up right side up). Then we cut them out and folded them together. It made for a fun visual handout, and carried a commitment from each girl.”

Gift of Myself

This is a sharing time idea based loosely on the December 1990 Friend Article Give Yourself Away”.


Print or photocopy the box pattern onto cardstock.

Before your sharing time activity, take pictures with a digital camera of the children in your class. (You may want to begin taking pictures several weeks ahead to ensure that children who may miss a few days during the holidays can receive an ornament.

Print out two pictures of each child, touching each other, either side by side or with one upside down. Leave a little space on the end of each picture to act as a base. (You’re going to fold these pictures in the shape of a tent or wedge.) The photos must be no larger than 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide (50 cm x 50 cm). See diagram below:

During Sharing Time

Cut out the pieces, including the windows of the gift box.

Using a hole punch or pencil, make holes on the ‘x’s located on the bow piece (circular) and the gift tag.

Fold the paper into a box shape, leaving one side open to insert the pictures. Fasten the flaps down with transparent tape or glue.

Insert the pictures of the child into the box so that the picture can be seen throught the windows, attaching it with tape or glue.

Seal the last flap of the box with glue or transparent tape.

Fold the bow along the straight lines to make a wedge. Tape or glue it to the box.

Using a piece of yarn, string, or ribbon, tie the gift tag to the bow.

Finished box


One project per page, black and white. A full color version of this file is available by clicking the ornament link below.


The poem on the tag:
What gift can I give you for Christmas this year?
What gift can I give to bring love and good cheer?
What gift can I give you to tell you I care,
A gift you’ll remember, a gift we can share?
The gift that I’ll give can’t be bought in a store,
It doesn’t cost money–it’s worth much, much more!
The gift that I’ll give doesn’t come from a shelf.
The gift that I’ll give is a gift of myself!
~Laura Rolfing

Temple Box Activity

Glue the image to heavier paper.

Cut out the temple on the solid lines, fold on the dotted lines, and glue the tabs to the inside of the walls to form a box. (The temple should be at the front of the box.)

Cut out the My Gospel Standards cards, and place them inside the temple box.

Choose a gospel standard from the box, read it, and decide what you can do to live the standard. In family home evening, share how living this standard can prepare you to enter the temple someday.

Source: Linda Christensen, “I’ll Prepare Myself While I Am Young,” Friend, Jun 2008, 16–18
(may be reproduced)