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LDS Handout

Old Testament Walk-Through

I was given a copy of the Old Testament Walk Through handout several months back by a friend for use in my Seminary class. I have no idea how to do this, but I think that it’s a method of learning the history of the Bible with hand motions and little rhymes.

Old Testament Walk Through was prepared for the CES Teaching Fair on the Old Testament, 13-15 August 1991, at Brigham Young University. I’m providing it in ODT, PDF, and JPG format.

Several people have asked about it here:

Please post in the comments section below if you can give any enlightenment about how to use this handout.

LDS Handout

LDS Scripture Reading Schedule Chart – COOL

This fabulous scripture reading chart is the best I’ve seen. It calculates the number of pages you need to read every day in order to complete and part of the Standard Works.

Simply enter your starting date, enter your finish date, and choose the book of scripture you’d like to read. The script generates a custom schedule based on your entries. Works for any time period up to a year.

This file requires Microsoft Excel (.xls).

Source: lds-youngwomenfiles2 Yahoo Groups