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LDS Handout

Primary nursery/sunbeams rules

Tips for getting sunbeam children their attention, focus, and rules:
Rules: (use rules with pictures, actions, and positive way)
1. Listen when the teacher is talking. (put hand to ears and use hands as mouth moving)
2. Follow directions quickly. (run in place)
3. Raise your hand to speak. (hand in air and use hand as mouth moving)
4. Work and Play safely. (make hands as fists like build/playing blocks)
1. Count up with fingers and clap, and point to teacher- 1, 2; eyes on you.
2. Count down with fingers and zip/close lips- 3, 2, 1, ziiiip…
3. If you’re listening touch your head, if you’re listening touch your elbow, if you’re listening touch you’re toes, etc. (end up fold your arms).
4. Comment/spy- Comment on how nicely John is sitting down ready for the next activity…or…I am looking for someone who is sitting down quietly, folding their arms, and eyes on me and show them by you doing it too and comment who is ready and who is not.
5. teacher says class…students says yes! (different ways and tones to show who is reverent, ready, and earns to do the next activity).
6. Always line up when leaving class or have a buddy for safety and rules- halls, restroom, sharing/singing time, and short outdoor grass play (relay race, duck duck goose, nature walk, etc.).