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Jenny’s LDS Baptism Program Template

UPDATED!!!! I have just created two versions of this baptism program that are editable. Yes, all you have to do is fill in the blanks or change the text that’s highlighted, and your baptism program is done! The “generic” editable file is meant for adults or others who are being baptized. The “primarychild” editable PDF is for children who are being baptized, and includes a field for the Primary Welcome. Please comment below if you see any problems with these files.


I (Jenny Smith) created this for my son’s baptism, and I will say it turned out beautifully. We had it printed on a color printer at Staples — wow. The detail of Christ’s baptism really turned out nicely. This template was made for a Child of Record baptism (so includes participants’ relationship to the child), but could easily be altered for any baptism. As a side note, these songs are just what we picked out and the lyrics are included just so that you can see what it looks like. So what I’m trying to say is “Baptism” and “I am a Child of God” aren’t required songs. We had several non-member family and friends attending the baptism, and to give them a chance to see that Mormons aren’t brainwashed cultists, we held a meal afterward to let everyone mingle. But again, a meal afterward is by no means required, expected, or even traditional.

1 page, front and back, half fold, 8.5x 11 inches, color.

Temple Dress – White Hanky Card

This white dress card is for giving a handkerchief to someone who is preparing to attend the temple for the first time. It has a poem on the back that reads: Tuck this white handkerchief away, Then take it out to be used on a very special day, When you go to the temple to make covenants And receive your own Temple Endowment.

Here are the instructions

Step 1 – Sign the card benath the poem, and then fold along the dotted line between the dress bodices as shown below:

Temple Dress Hanky Instructions

Step 2 – Cut out the dress bodices. STOP at the top of the poem box. See below: Temple Dress Hankerchief Instructions

Step 3 – Unfold the dress and cut out the poem box, neckline, bottom of the front bodice, and slits for the hanky.

Step 4 – Insert a corner of the hanky underneath the v-slit. Flip the card over and tuck it through the horizontal slit. Sew or staple it to the remaining cardstock. See below: Temple Dress Hanky Instructions

Step 5 – Fold the sides of the dresses together and fasten with tape or glue. Temple Dress Hanky Instructions

Back Temple Dress Hanky Instructions


I didn’t put a poem about a wedding on the back of this card, choosing instead a more generic poem. Many of our Young Women will not be receiving their endowment with their fiancees for many reasons, including a mission, so I thought the generic poem was better. And please don’t go emailing me about the short sleeves on the dress — yes, I know that arms must be covered for the Endowment — but the card was just too flimsy when made with long sleeves. The short sleeves could serve as a lead-in to talk about what the requirements are for dresses worn in conjunction with the performance of temple ordinances. Click for more information on Planning a Temple Wedding/Sealing.

This card would make a great Christmas, Standards Night, or Temple Prep class gift.

Let me “BEAR” Your Burdens

This is the Chris Gunn image, Bear with Heart, with a quote that reads:

“When you are sad…..I will dry your tears.
When you are scared…..I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried…..I will give you hope.
When you are confused…..I will help you cope.

And when you are lost….And can’t see the light,
I shall be your beacon…..Shining ever so bright.
This is my oath…..I pledge till the end.
Why you may ask?…..Because you’re my friend. “