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Link: Many Are Called to Serve: Object lesson ideas

By Becky Mike Edwards Becky Mike Edwards: This looks like a fun source for object lessons. #ObjectLessons manyarecalledtoserve.blogspot.com/2014/10/object-lesson-ideas.html 5(5 hours ago) http://manyarecalledtoserve.blogspot.com/2014/10/object-lesson-ideas.html Erika Yeates Glatt: Follow (1 hour ago) Read More Read more here:: Link: Many Are Called to Serve: Object lesson ideas

Object Lesson

The Marshmallow Test

By Jeanette Brooks Jeanette Brooks: #dandc67 Had a great lesson today with section 67… Handed out a lg marshmallow on a small plate. One for each student placed at their tables before they got to class… Instructed them that they could eat it now or wait and receive more of a reward. Continued with the […]

Object Lesson

Light will not shine throught the blackness

By Wendi Gunn Wendi Gunn: Here is an object lesson that I am going to use for #dandc58 :34-65. It could be ued to illustrate #repentance in any lesson though. I used it in a SS class and it was very effective. I took a light bulb and spray painted it black. Then I asked […]

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Dispensation of the Fullness of Times

By Shauna Doctrine and Covenants Section 27 This idea came from a member of the LDS Seminary Teacher Facebook group (seriously, if you are a Seminary Teacher-join that Facebook group). When I figure out who it was, I will edit and post his name so he receives credit for this brilliant visual for teaching “Dispensations” […]

Object Lesson

Dispensation of the Fulness of Times

When referring my class to ‘dispensations of time’, I grab several hymn books and lay them out end to end to make a timeline and say, this one is Adam, this one is Noah etc. Then I stack them on top of each other. Voila, ‘The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times’- Mark M.

Object Lesson

Peculiar People

Dress up in strange clothes. Pants, long skirt and a short skirt, Long sleeve shirt and a fishing vest, funny hat and have half your hair up and the other down, wear a snow boot and a high heel (be extravagant). Teach your lesson like you dress like this all the time. Then at the […]

Object Lesson

starburst temple work

Bring a small candy like a starburst, set it on the table and ask “who wants the candy? Who REALLY wants the candy? ” Whoever seems most eager, pick for the example. Say, “Joey, (or whoever) you really want the candy. It’ll make you very happy. So you can have it, but you can’t use […]

Object Lesson

Stand Ye in Holy Places

You’ll need a stool and some Youth Leaders. Have a youth stand on the stool.  Demonstrate that with a little effort, if the person stands alone, you can knock him/her off the perch.  Put the person  Ask the group what you can do to keep yourself in position when you Stand in Holy Places.  Scripture […]

Object Lesson

Hypocrisy – What’s on the Inside Matters

I used this object lesson to teach about hypocrisy to my Seminary class. First, I printed chewing gum inserts on card stock.  Each insert was 140mm x 18mm and fit inside a Juicy Fruit wrapper. On each was written the following references and words: “Thou Whited Wall” Acts 23:3 and  “Full of Dead Men’s Bones”  […]


Craft Sticks – Notches

Handed out one of these [craft sticks] to each one [student. After the lesson], … they handed their stick back to me. I talked about how each of us may be weak (like the notches in the stick can weaken the stick) but together, the sticks can build a wonderful strong structure. All of us […]

Object Lesson

Jesus Christ is our cornerstone

I am using Play Dough to demonstrate the importance of a cornerstone. Since it is not a major part of my lesson, I will already have my two walls built and put together. Then, I will ask them which of all the “stones” is the most important stone.

Object Lesson

Who Said It?

For a Fast Sunday lesson on the power of our words and how we set an example, I used looked through old status updates that our Young Women and YW Leaders have posted on their facebook profile. I selected one good one from each girl (we only have about 10 girls, wards or stakes with […]