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YW Values Pageant Skit

This is the popular Values Pageant Skit. Download it in PDF format.

A pageant with 7 young women is staged. Each girl is given a banner with the name of the person they’re playing on it. As if part of the interview session of a real pageant, an announcer introduces the contestants and asks them the question, “What do you value?” The answers from each of the young women are shallow and humorous. After some reflection (not addressed in the skit) the girls are invited to re-answer the question. This time, each young woman responds with an answer related to each of the values, along with a quotation from the Personal Progress book. Each is given a banner with the value on it.

This skit takes about 25 minutes to perform (and that was with our 3 “commercials” and a solo). It makes a great New Beginnings activity. I’ve participated in or performed in this skit as long ago as 1986, but despite its age, the skit is a gem and really makes the girls think about the value they are assigned.

You’ll need at least 8 people to perform this skit. The Commentator (in our skit Miss Values, our Laurel President) could be male if necessary.

When I performed this skit in our small branch many years ago, I was recruited from the Primary to perform, along with the adult Young Women’s leaders and Young Women. We were assigned parts based on the color dresses we had that matched the values colors.

When I helped with the performance in a larger ward, 7 girls were assigned speaking parts, and the other young women without a speaking part chose a silly pageant name (Miss T-Mobile, Miss Understood, Miss Snowbunny, etc.) and also walked down the runway. These girls also had banners with their names on them. Girls without speaking parts were invited to come up with commercials they performed while our contestants changed clothing. A young woman performed a vocal solo for the other break. Because the ward had a stage, the 7 girls began the skit in modest casual attire (see photo at right), changed to modest formals, and then changed to white wedding and temple dresses for the finale (I have since learned that wearing all white is a no-no. The stake center where the skit was performed had a runway that could be attached to the stage (see photo right). We decorated with white christmas lights, ficus trees, and balloons.

I am publishing the skit here with some updates and a few minor changes (one is doctrinal, and I’ve made changes to the reformed speeches to include the scriptures and text from the new Personal Progress manuals, I also changed the names of Miss I Do’n Know to I Dunno – this one confused us in our Branch, and of Miss “10” (Body and IQ) to Miss “10” – who wants an IQ of 10???).