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The Worth of a “Sole” YWIE – Program

M’Shelle D says, “I have attached an idea we recently used for our YW in Excellence. Our theme was D&C 18:10 For the Worth of Souls is great in the Sight
of God. We played on the word ‘Sole’.

“Invitations: Pastel Shoe Horns with Invitation attached

“Preparation: Had the girls learn a song, and each were to select a pair of shoes that best represented their personality. It could be their favorite pair, a reminder of a trip, or even a pair from childhood each were asked to fill out a card with an explanation as to why they selected that pair of shoes. We also had the older girls be a part of the value presentation.

“Decor: We decorated the room like a french shoe parlor. We had covered shoe boxes with ribbon around them, tissue coming out of shopping bags, decorative purses, etc. All the girls shoes were displayed on shoe racks and in boxes with tissue and each had their name and description attached with a little wire flourish. Our colors were pink and brown with polka-dot accents.

“Handout: Each girl was presented with a fluffy pair of pink polka-dot socks to help them remember the worth of their “Soul”

“Treat: Treats for the girl and her parents were cute little boxes we described were “shoe boxes” tied with a ribbon and with pairs of shoes (nutter butters) inside. It was so adorable.

“I have included examples of everything we did. Font is French script.

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