Pioneer Wagon Craft

I made this fun craft printable from an idea one of my children brought home from school. Basically, it is a covered wagon (viewed from the rear) with a hole in the middle that shows scenes the pioneers may have seen while traveling from Winter Quarters to Salt Lake. You turn the wheel, and you'll follow the journey across rivers, through the plains, in the heat and rain, over the mountains to Salt Lake. Cute!

Designed so that only one page is needed per craft. Can be printed on cardstock for durability.

(It requires a brad or brass fastener in order to work.)

Ink Color: 

Black & White

Document Type: 

PDF - Adobe PDF

Print Dimensions: 

8.5 x 11 inches (US letter)

Number of Pages: 

1 page

Handouts Per Page: 

1 handout per page

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I am in desperate need of an

I am in desperate need of an oxen yolk graphic for our youth handcart trek journals. We are going to brand it on the leather covers and use it on all the written material. Do you know where I can find one? Can you make one? Thank you, in advance for your help.