Wilford Woodruff – colorized photograph

By Jenny Smith I’ve recently gotten into colorizing family history photos, and I’ve been wanting to do a series on Prophets. It’d be cool to start a colorized church history reddit, dontcha think? Anyway, this is the first image I’ve done. It’s Wilford Woodruff, third prophet-president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints […]


2015 Scripture Reading Chart

Free 2015 scripture reading chart from Jenny Smith! These scripture reading charts are always a popular download!  Updated for 2015, this chart has a box you can color for each day of every month during 2015.  Track your scripture reading progress with our free printable!  

LDS Handout

D&C 41-44 Handout

I created this handout to accompany my teaching of D&C 41-44.   D&C 41:11 After a reminder that only Joseph Smith receives revelation for the Church, Edward Partridge was called to be the first bishop of the church because of a certain personality trait. What is it? How can we eliminate this in our own […]

LDS Handout

Job Readers’ Theater

My uncle shared this with me — he didn’t write it, but he tweaked it to suit him.  He says the students in his Primary class loved it! (See the original story at Biblewise) The Story of Job Narrator: In the land of Uz, not Oz, there lived a man named Job, not Steve Jobs. […]

LDS Handout

Discipleship Self-Assessment D&C 4

Self Assessment- Attributes Needed to Serve the Lord D&C 4-1 Self Assessment- Attributes Needed to Serve the Lord D&C 4-1Take this self-assessment to see what qualities you might develop further in your quest to become a better servant of Jesus Christ. Response Key 1 = never 2 = sometimes 3 = often 4 = almost […]

LDS Handout

D&C 27 – The Armor of God

I made this handout to accompany D&C 27, The Armor Of God.  Available as a PDF or ODT   “We have the four parts of the body that the Apostle Paul said [are] the most vulnerable to the powers of darkness. The loins, typifying virtue, chastity. The heart typifying our conduct. Our feet, our goals […]

church of Christ program

Program/Worksheet for the First LDS Church Meeting

It wasn’t known as the LDS Church on April 6, 1830, but this is what a program for the newly organized Church of Christ might have looked like on that historic day. Church Organized Handout in form of Sacrament Meeting Program D&C 20-21 Church Organized Handout in form of Sacrament Meeting Program D&C 20-21

LDS Handout

Receiving Revelation

I used this handout to teach the principle of Receiving Revelation to my adult gospel study class. It covers basically D&C 8-9 and 11-16, according to the new Seminary manual.  There’s an emphasis on understanding with both the mind and heart, and includes the following quotes/ideas: “Communication through the spirit is not a passive or […]


New England States Map

This map of church history locations in the New England States is from the Institute manual.  PDFs will scale to any size.


Church History Sites Map 1820-1847

This map of Church History sites shows locations of major events from 1820 to 1847.  It’s from the Institute manual and can easily be scaled up to any size.


Nauvoo Map – 1844

This map of Nauvoo is from the Doctrine and Covenants Institute Manual.  These are of a type that can be enlarged to any size.