Fiber Optic Beads

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Select from among our 10mm beads to make an inexpensive craft.

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Our beads measure 10mm with a hole that measures about 2mm. They are cat’s eye style,┬ásometimes referred to as fiber-optic beads, and will change hue as they capture and reflect light. These beads have a beautiful band of light running through the center that resembles a cat’s eye.

We carry a small selection of resin beads sized to fit our jewelry cord. Use our inexpensive beads to make any custom jewelry you want, like inexpensive baptism bracelets, or anklets for camp. Make your crafts yourself, or use them as an activity — the possibilities are endless!

Your beads will come in bulk packaging. Not suitable for retail sale.

Choking hazard. Not suitable for small children.

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