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100+ scripture mastery games you can use in your LDS Seminary class. Check out our scripture mastery games by type.

Scripture Mastery Games

Scripture Mastery Takedown

By Tara Brannelly Hale
Tara Brannelly Hale:
#scripturemastery game


I set up the class with the chairs in 4 circles. ( I have 32 students)
Each team and myself gets one dry erase board and marker
They will need their scriptures (of course) and a paper and pencil
Each team picks from a central set of scripture mastery cards (this way there are no repeats).
I had each team choose 5 (but you can do more or less depending on time)
Then I give the teams 5 or so minutes to come up with clues to the scripture mastery scriptures they chose and write them down. I challenged to be clever but CLEAR because several SM’s are very similar in their meaning.
The teams then need to put away any SM materials except their scriptures. Each team takes a turn presenting their clue. The other teams and I guess. If the teams and I guess correctly we each get a point, if we don’t the team presenting gets the points. Bonus: If they stump me they get my cumulative points. (it’s hard to stump me)

They had a lot of fun with this and it was fun for me to see how creative they got with the clues. Some were even acted out.

My favorite of the day was:
“you can, touch this!”
Can you guess ;)
4(11 hours ago)

Amy Wright Phister: 130:22-23? (1 hour ago)

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Kelly D’s Easy Scripture Mastery Game

By Kelly Davider

Kelly Davider


OK this may sound like the lamest SM game ever, but the kids really like it and it takes NO prep at all and the class loves it…I made it up. They get into pairs and they speed read the SM. I set my phone for 1 min. Each gets a turn at 1 min then 45 then 30 seconds and down until there are just a few they come to the front and get candy if they can do it in 20 or 15 seconds depending on how long it is. It totally wakes them up at 6AM in the morning and the more fluent they are with the SM the faster it goes. IF you try it let me know. ;) Happy Friday.

Heather James



Joan Layton Merrell


no-prep fun is the best!

Darcie Johnson Mangum


So you time them speed reading? Or reciting from memory? Sounds really fun!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

Sock O Bingo

Sock-O-Bingo Scripture Mastery

By Shauna

Make a Bingo Grid on the Floor
(5×5=25 Scripture Mastery verses)
Make a “Sock-O” with any sock filled with beans, popcorn, etc.
It is fun to use a sock with a seasonal pattern/print
Divide in to 2 teams

Place a card turned writing side down with a clue for each Scripture Mastery verse inside each square.
Have a team member throw the “sock-o” to a square, turn over the card and read the clue.

The team as 15 seconds to find the verse in their scriptures.
They can use their Scripture Mastery cards or bookmarks to help them (I used the same clues as the cards and bookmarks)
When a team member finds it, have them yell, “Contact”
They must state the reference and they have the option of:
1) reading the scripture from the book
2) Reciting from memory the scripture (or having a team mate recite it from memory-but a team member can only recite 1 scripture by memory during the entire game, otherwise the same team member may recite it every time)
If they read the scripture, the team gets 5 points
If a team member recites it by memory, the team gets 10 points
If they cannot find the scripture in 15 seconds, the other team has the option to “steal” and get 5 points for reading it or 10 for reciting it by memory.
The first team with 5 in a row, wins.

You can adapt this with other rules or for teaching review questions, etc.
The “sock-o” can be used for many other purposes such as “hot potato” where it is passed around a circle while one student’s back is turned to them. When that student says stop, the person with the “sock-o” recites or names the scripture using the key words or clues given by the person who is “it”.

Source:: Seminary at Six AM – Shauna H.

Mad Ball Scripture Mastery Game

Mad Ball (a March Madness game)

Because our class is large, I had to make up a game that let all of my 6 zones compete against each other for points, but keep a basketball theme and keep everyone interested and participating. This game was fun and successful in my Seminary class, and I am certain the kids would love to play it again.


Determine the number of teams and rounds.  For me, it was 6 teams and 2 rounds for a total of 12 questions.  You can see my questions here.  Write your questions or use some of the trivia questions in the handout section.

You will need a die and a plate to roll it in, plus a ball and a basket or box.

Assign each of your teams a number from 1-6.  (See Notes below)

Mark on the floor three shooting positions with tape or paper.  I labeled mine 1-2 (close to the basket), 3-4 (farther from the basket), 5-6 (back of the room).

Game Play

  1. Invite a student from one of your teams to roll the die.  The number determines where the student will shoot from and which team can steal if the question is missed.
  2. The student moves to the position indicated by the number on the die.  For example, if a student rolls a three, s/he stands on the three position (middle difficulty), and Team 3 can steal.
  3. Ask a question from your list.  if the student who rolled the die gets the answer correct (he may ask his team for help), he can shoot.  If he scores, the team gets the points.  If he gets the answer incorrect, the team whose number was rolled may steal/rebound.  In our example, if the roller missed the question, Team 3 can attempt the answer.  If they get it correct, they can shoot.  If they make the shot from the same position, they get the points.
  4. Repeat.


A team must both answer the question correctly and make the shot to score.

Scoring for me was

1-2 position : 10 points3-4 position: 20 points
5-6 position: 30 points

because it was March Madness, but you can use 1, 2, 3 points like in a real game of basketball.

I had 6 teams, so each team had its own number.  If you have 3 teams, give each team, two numbers.  If you have 2 teams, go odd/even.  if you have 4-5 teams, you can offer stealing immunity on the numbers left over.

Scripture Mastery Games

Kellee’s KeyWord Matching Race

Shared by Kellee B on the LDS Seminary Teachers Facebook Group:

So you get 25 3×5 cards and make sure they are all the same color of card (because these days they are in colors and not just white) and you want to cut them in half and write the keys words on one card and the reference on the other.  I lay these all out on a table and I have the key words and their reference sitting on top of each other, so I have the 25 references on the table.  All the kids have to go into a designated cell.  You can mark this off however you want to.  You just need to make sure that they are all behind a certain line until you say go. I then have an area that is several feet away from the cell and I take as many references as I have kids and I drop them all over the floor.  Not together, just each card all over the floor.  So I have ten kids and so I spread 5 scripture masteries, because that is ten cards (one for each kid playing) all over the floor.  When i say go, they all run to their card and start yelling out what their card says.  So one might find a card that says 1 Nephi 3:7, I start yelling out that reference and I am looking for my “partner” who has “I will go and do” or whatever the official key words are on their bookmark.  Then the two of them run to another designated place, again many feet away, and they have to run together, like locking arms, you can’t save a spot for your partner.  And then I have point values.  So the first team that gets there might get 200 points the second 150 points and so on down.  You can totally do whatever points you want.  We have an auction every trimester and so the kids get points toward that.  But you could just add up points for the day and have a winner or winners (because their could easily be a tie) or whatever.  [T]his game gets [students] saying the reference or key words over and over.  And as they hand me their cards back so I can keep them in pairs, I make them say the match to whatever they have.  So if one had picked up the card “I will go and do,” when they hand it back to me, they have to say, “1 Nephi 3:7”  again, just to get them repeating it over and over.  This game gets their hearts pumping.  We play lots of physical games in seminary and I tell them that I am helping the fulfill the newest requirement in the For The Strength of the Youth on physical exercise.  Hahaha!!  Anyway, its a great game and a favorite for sure!

Scripture Mastery Games

The Toilet Paper Game

From Sharra D on the LDS Seminary Teachers Facebook Group:

My class did the Toilet Paper game last week and LOVED it. I got the idea from some ‘minute to win it’ post. I had two rolls of toilet paper hanging on a straight [horizontal] pole at the front of the class. I had about two feet of the tissue hanging down from each roll with a jingle bell attached at the bottoms. While one side of the class chased to find the scripture I read, the other side of the class shot rubber bands at their roll of toilet paper. The first team to have their jingle bell hit the floor wins! Lots of fun!!

I’m assuming that once the team has all found the scripture mastery passage, the shooting team stops and begins chasing a new passage while the other team shoots at their tissue roll.  Sounds like so much fun! ~Jenny

Hunger Games – Scripture Mastery Style

This super fun game was written by a Seminary student for his class.  Here are some notes on how to play it:

We had a student plan an amazing week of scripture mastery activities. Yesterday it was hunger games themed on Mosiah 4:30. Their battles were rocks, paper, scissors. The person who lost had a dramatic death scene. One was victorious. Here is how it was set up. Each person started out with one slip of paper that they grabbed from a cornucopia in the center of the room. They had to battle with the person who had the next part of the scripture mastery. …

They battled using “rock paper scissors”. The game only took about 10 min which is what we allow each day.

And here’s how I did it:

We played this today, and it was super fun. We are also adding in thumb wrestling and other games so it’s not all rock, paper, scissors.

Before class I taped a very rough cornucopia shape on the floor with painters tape. I told students that they would all run to the cornucopia and grab a word strip and that they DO NOT want a word strip with a cornucopia on it. Students who got a word strip with a cornucopia shape on it will compete in an extra competition, making it more likely to “die”. This little mini competition is to eliminate extra students so I can get down to 16 for the first bracket.  Count to three and laugh as you watch the kids run to get the good strips.

Now have everyone who DOES NOT have a cornucopia slip sit down. The others find their match. These remaining pairs face off with rock paper scissors, and one member of each pair dies. The winner captures the word slip from the dead tribute.

Next, the group ordered themselves by wordslips in the correct order of the mastery passage. Now we repeat the scripture mastery. Tomorrow I will have the dead people recite the entire passage, and the living tributes will lead the dead people by reciting their portion of the passage using their captured word strips.

The remaining 16 people fight off, and eight are eliminated and their wordstrips are captured. Everyone recites the passage again, with the 8 winners saying their part, and the dead peeps saying it together. I told the class this was like the song at the end of the day in the games.

Continued until we had a winner.  Our game took about 15 minutes, but I think it will go faster tomorrow because I/we know how to do it.


How to make the Word Strips

If you have 16+ students like me, you can use my bracket below to make wordstrips. 

Otherwise, in order to know how many duplicate word strips to make, take the number of students in your class and subtract 4, 8, or 16, from it.  

  • If you have 4-7 students, use NumberOfStudents – 4.  
  • If you have 9-15 students, use NumberOfStudents – 8.
  • If you have 17-31 students, use NumberOfStudents – 16.

The remainder will indicate you how many double word strips to make. So if you have 11 students in your class, 11-8 = 3.  Using the bracket with 8 blanks, duplicate 3 of the phrases in the brackets.  You’ll now have 5 unique plus 3 pairs of duplicate strips.  The duplicates will pair off to fight before the rest so that you can eliminate your bracket down to 8 people.


Scripture Mastery Games

Shauna’s Scripture Chasing How to

 Here is how we do Scripture Chasing: 

  • I call out “Books Up” and students close their books and place their books out in front of them with the spine down and their hands on the front and back covers. No fingers touching the pages.
  • I call out a clue, key word, or state ask a question that can be answered in a specific scripture, then I say GO.
  • The first student to find the scripture yells CONTACT and holds their book up high.
  • The clock starts ticking for 10 seconds as soon as the first student yells CONTACT and I confirm they have the correct scripture.
  • During the 10 seconds, students from both teams try to find the scripture and yell CONTACT when they do.
  • After 10 seconds, I yell stop and students keep their books held high with their finger on the scripture.
  • The team with the student who yelled CONTACT first has the opportunity for 3 points
  • 1 point for being first and correct
  • 1 point for a student on the team being able to recite the scripture from memory (each team member may only recite a scripture 1 time until all team mates have had a turn) Team gets 2 tries (can be 2 students) to recite the scripture, otherwise, the opposing team may “steal” the point by reciting the scripture (they get 2 tries, also)
  • 1 point if everyone on the team finds the correct scripture within the 10 seconds.

We do individual scripture chasing most every day in class. Once a week, we divide in to the two teams for competition. It has been fun to see the students progress and develop confidence. They surprise themselves sometimes and the looks on their faces is priceless.  It is easier to have another adult helping during the competition as you have to be in so many places at one time as they are yelling out CONTACT in rapid fire. I have 24+ students so another set of eyes is always helpful. We have some very competitive students and I feared this could become a problem, but so far, not at all. I told them from the beginning that this was to be fun and for the purpose of learning and that if it ever got out of perspective or too aggressive, we would stop immediately. Knowing my students, this warning was not necessary but I covered my bases. We are preparing to compete with another Seminary Class in our Stake and I am confident they will do well. Original post and lots of other ideas at…

Scripture Scramble Puzzle

This great idea comes from Shauna at

As students arrive, each seat has 2-3 post-it notes with a word, number, or punctuation mark. When I tell them to go, they must work as a group to get their words in order to make a scripture mastery scripture. Until they see who has the name of the book and some of the numbers, they generally have no idea which scripture they are trying to put together.

I like to do this on Monday and as the week progresses, I take a few post it notes down at a time and have the class repeat it with fewer words. If they already know the scripture, I have them face the back wall when we recite it.

A Teaching Moment

A new twist: Last week, I would not allow the students who are Scriptorians or Master Scriptorians to help with the scripture scramble. It was a great teaching moment when the other students realized how heavily they relied on those who know all the scriptures.

I compared this to their future as missionaries, teachers, parents, etc. and pointed out that no one would be there to help them when they need to find a scripture to teach a certain concept. I shared that they need to stand on their own and know the scriptures without the assistance of others.

I testified that if they do their part to learn and know the scriptures now, they would have the help of the Holy Ghost to recall what they had learned in Seminary at the moment they need it the most in the future.

See Shauna’s photos of this activity at her blog:

Scripture Mastery Games

High Card

This Scripture Mastery game is to help students recall the references from key words(but just a few at a time); so don’t let students tell each other the references.

To play, divide students evenly into rows (no more than 5 in a row). Then each row is given a stack of 25 cards with a Scripture Mastery Reference written on each (you can also use a regular stack of Scripture Mastery Cards that they got at the beginning of the year). These cards are disseminated evenly among the students in that row. Give the students a minute to familiarize themselves to the key words and references of their cards. Then the teacher calls out some key words. Only one person on each row will be able to hold up that card. The first person who holds up that card wins a point for their row.

After they are very familiar with their cards, have them rotate their hand of cards to the person behind them, and the person in the back to the front. Give them another minute to get familiar and play some more. After the game, they should have become quite familiar with the key words and references (if you didn’t let them help each other).

Scripture Mastery Games

Spin the Dreidel

Click on the [link below] to download the instructions for the Spin the Dreidel Scripture Mastery Game.

This being December, we are approaching the Hanukkah season which has its ties to the Old and New Testament. Your class has learned how the Tabernacle, and other ancient temples, had a large candlestick Menorah which was to be constantly burning (Exodus 25:31–37). In the 400 years between the Old and New Testament, there was a battle which caused there only to be a one day supply of oil for the lamps. But a miracle occurred in which the one day’s worth of oil lasted for 8 days until more oil could be secured. In the New Testament this festival is mentioned briefly in John 10:22 and today Jews all over the world celebrate Hanukkah.

Hanukkah this year (2011) starts on sundown December 20, and ends December 28th. Traditionally during Hanukkah, after the Menorah is lit, it is customary in many homes to play the Dreidel game. This is a Scripture Mastery game based loosely off of the rules of the dreidel game. You can often find this inexpensive toy in many stores in their holiday sections. You can also call your local synagogue and they can direct you were to find a dreidel top. Have fun spinning the dreidel!

Scripture Mastery Games

Word Strips

Word strip activities can help your students become very familiar with, and memorize, the scripture mastery scriptures. Usually it is best to use word strips with the longer scripture masteries scriptures that they may have gone over already.

To save you a ton of time in your preparations, I [John Bushman] have placed the text of the Old Testament scripture masteries BELOW IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT. That way you can just find the scripture you want and print that page only. Then you can just make the number of copies you need, cut them up, and place them in envelops. Since it is a Word document, you will also be able to modify it. Starting out you probably just want to have the word strips as long as the row would be when you print that page of the Word document. Later as your class becomes more proficient, you can cut the rows in half to increase the difficulty. Here are some activities and games you can do with scripture mastery word strips.

Up & At ’em

A team comes up and each team member is given a word strip that they hold up in front of them as if showing the class. Then they have to run around and stand in the right order so the class can read the scripture mastery left to right. If there are more strips than team members, some will have to trade around and hold two strips out. Make your team sizes appropriate for how many strips that scripture has.


Here you would make multiple copies of the same word strips of the scripture mastery scripture. Each team is at a table and is given an envelope with that scripture mastery in it. When you say go, each team dumps the strips out of their envelop onto their table and try to put the scripture together in one long row. First team to finish correctly wins. In order to maximize participation, teams should not be much bigger than 5. Have them mix them up again and try to get faster. This can be a fast scripture mastery activity that you do for a few minute before the lesson.


Here you would have multiple stations set up around the room (the number or stations would depend on how many kids in your class). Between 3 and 5 is an ideal student group size. On each station table you would have an envelope containing the word strips to one of the longer scripture masteries you have already become familiar with in class. When you say go, each station will empty the word strips from their envelop and try to put it in order as fast as they can. If you want to add an element of competition, then say “go” when the second hand is at the top of the clock and start counting seconds. When a team says they have it, you call out to them how many seconds it took them and they record down their score. Then when each team has done each station, have them add up their combined score. Lowest score wins.