Tivo General Conference?

(Why I shouldn’t bake….)

With LDS General Conference fast approaching, I am facing my semi-annual dilemma: to Tivo or not to Tivo? It’s rough to take out 4 hours during the day right at garden planting time to sit in front of the television for Conference. And to be totally honest, I haven’t stayed awake through the second Saturday session since I was in High School — blame those bum-flattening

plastic church chairs.

But honestly, the Saturday sessions are my favorites. The talks are shorter and I love raising my hand to sustain the officers of the Church. I confess I am not the world’s biggest MoTab fan, and I am always looking for an excuse to fastforward through the songs. :)

I’m excited for this weekend not only for Conference, but also because we’re having our Inner Circle over for a campout Friday night here on the farm. It’s going to be great!