Month: July 2019

Not much to report

Today it’s supposed to thunderstorm. I wasn’t sure whether or not to spray, but I did it anyway just in case the storms miss us. The tomatoes and beans are looking very good! I picked 5 unripe tomatoes and accidentally knocked a green one off in the process. Oops. I figured they better come inside

Hi ho cherry-oh

I was getting a backlog of cherry tomatoes, so I decided to use them up making The Pioneer Woman’s Tomato Tart. I went to Del’s today to get some of his gold cherry tomatoes for the color, he sent me home with a metric crap ton of tomatoes. I think I have at least a

Teeny tiny veg

Maybe it’s middle age settling in on me, but oh, how I love to watch the vegetables form! From blossom to mini-me to the awkward teen phase to fully mature fruit — I just love it! Today I picked some lima beans at the baby stage so I could make succotash, and for carried away

Bring your tomato to lunch day

After my doctor appointment (take vitamins for the nerve issues, begin physical therapy), we left to head out the Korean Spa. I spent a few minutes in the garden checking on everything just before we left. I brace myself every day, but there was no pest damage today. I left the tomatoes to vine ripen

RIP Better Boy

That Better Boy shriveled up and was looking even worse today, so I picked off the 5 green tomatoes it sported and pulled it up. The roots were in good shape, so the foliar disease seems to be what killed it. I had hoped to be able to save it, but I just wasn’t able

Roasted Tomato Sauce – when you have too many tomatoes

My dad’s tomato production is out of control: It’s his best year ever for tomatoes, and he doesn’t know what to do with the harvest. I mentioned that I made some roasted tomato sauce in an earlier post. Yesterday I made some more and took a few pictures of what I did so that my

Blackberry mystery

I keep reading that blackberries don’t produce fruit on their floricanes (second season growth) and so you should cut all that off every year because they won’t produce fruit on those canes again. But how do you explain this? I want to start more blackberry plants. Jared loves them and it’d be nice to have

Houston, we have a problem

Well, today is the first day I know I can’t possibly use up all the ripe tomatoes I have. Almost all of the tomatoes I picked yesterday or this weekend ripened overnight: It’s raining lightly but steadily today, so I can’t really do much in the garden. I did go ahead and stake up the

Days to Maturity

One of the most interesting things about gardening is how freakishly accurate “days to maturity” is for plants. I have beans and squash that are about to come in this week just about to the day on the seed package. As the mother of a proto-adult male, I’m thinking wistfully that it’d be nice if

My Brandywines bring all the boys to the yard

What is with the Brandywines??? For real, little critters! What is the deal? You creep into my garden, ignore the riper cherry tomatoes Romas and Early Girls, and go straight for the Brandywine. I mean I’m glad you’re leaving the Cherokee Purples alone, but for real, what is the attraction to Brandywine? It’s like crack

Cooking the harvest

Many of the tomatoes that I pulled to keep away from the groundhog have ripened, and so I decided I better cook or preserve some. Today I roasted the ripe tomatoes to make my first roasted tomato sauce — so EASY!! I also made up the syrup for the blackberry ice cream and froze several

How much pruning is too much?

I did some more watching of Craig LeHoullier, and I kept reading that he gets rid of all damaged leaves from his plants. I looked at some of his pictures from his blog, and his plants are looking just a straggly as mine. It was such a relief! It’s not me — it’s just how