Honoring Women’s Authority at Church

I’ve written before about how frustrating I find our cultural practice of inviting the wives of Men With Big Callings to speak. I was listening to a podcast about a tangential topic today, and it occurs to me that instead of asking the wives of Men With Big Callings to speak, we should be asking Women With Big Callings to speak. If you are a seventy or other flavor of GA, I wish you’d consider why you are asking the wives of Men With Big Callings to speak. Is it because you are too lazy or unsure of your own abilities to plan a stake meeting in 12 hours, and it’s simply easier to ask the wives of men being…

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2019 First “Real” Tomato

Today was the day! I finally got my first “real” (non-cherrry) tomato! Let’s also talk about what a sorry tomato Early Girl is. The plants are prone to disease, and the tomatoes are NOT early. They are the last to put on fruit again this year. I’m not going to waste space in my garden on them again.

On eyesight and age

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed my eyes have started to go fuzzy. Everyone told me it would happen when I hit my forties, and I ignored them, believing myself to be the exceptional exception. Turn out I’m not exceptional after all. My eyes are getting worse and worse. I can still read at a comfortable arm’s length distance, but I can’t focus very close up. Every day that arm’s length gets a little farther. I find this more amusing than disturbing, fortunately. As I enter middle-aged adulthood, I find myself thinking alot how silly many of the things I have done or am doing are. So many are simply meaningless busywork. I am finding that as I grow older…

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Skipping the Miracle

Today was my weekly Wednesday garden spray, but I decided to give the plants a rest and did not apply any Miracle-Gro this week. I want the tomatoes to be able to put their energy into ripening some of these green tomatoes instead of making leaves, and I think it’s probably a good idea to give them the occasional break anyway. I read that beans do better without fertilizer after they get a couple of leaves, so I’m leaving them alone, too. This was the first week I sprayed with the new tank sprayer. The copper fungicide is a fun blue color, which belies the insecticide I added to the mix. I had planned to put some mancozeb in with…

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Wednesday update

That Dern Deer has not shown its face since we put out the repellants. That’s five days deer-free. I’m hopeful this will keep the pest away, at least until I get some tomatoes. I spent the morning pulling weeds, trimming off blighted leaves from my tomatoes, pulling out the remainder of the kohlrabi, checking for bugs, and pruning suckers from the crape myrtles. I also planted the scarlet runner beans from my friend — they are HUGE! I soaked them overnight, and each bean was as big as the top knuckle of my thumb, and all brown and beige speckled. Crazy. She swears by these, and I hope I’m able to get something out of them. I read that icicle…

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A moment of silence

Let’s have a moment of silence for all the Girls Camp leaders who left for camp today knowing: Tonight a first year will barf. Tomorrow a second year will call her mom to come get her, and there’s a 50/50 chance mom will blame you. Thursday a third year will be injured, probably while pranking or climbing something forbidden. Friday the bishop will arrive late and mess everything up. …But Saturday night you’ll get a long, hot shower in a location that does not require flip flops for safety. Peace to you sister!

My white asiatic lilies in a vase

And now, the pests

I saw my first Japanese Beetles today. The first two died in the throes of ecstasy, and the third, a voyeuristic onlooker, died ignominiously. Death was too good for them, and I showed them far more mercy than their kind deserves. And thus it begins. The original planting spot of the butternut squash seedlings has been looking kind of peaked, and when I sprayed the area with Sevin, a squash bug scurried out. He died quickly. I think I’ll probably have to replant that spot, too. The butternut squash are having trouble making a go of it this year. We arrived home after our Star Trek party on Friday night, greeted by That Dern Deer leering lustily at my garden.…

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Meat bouquet of flowers – Father’s Day DIY

Sydney and I made one of those “broquet” meat and beef jerky bouquets for Jared today. It was fun, and easier than I thought. I spent $18 on beef sticks and about $21 on cured or dried meat and Nathan’s hot dogs, not all of which was used. If I were doing it again I’d use one jar of dried beef and get some better salami from the deli counter, dropping the hot dogs. I think you could do a dozen meat flowers for around $30. We learned a few things, and I’ll share them below. Tip 1: No prosciutto I thought prosciutto would be a good choice for the bouquet, and I already know Jared likes it. Nope. It…

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Cursed deer

It’s a class 2 misdemeanor to kill a deer that is eating your garden here in Virginia without getting a permit to do some from the Game and Wildlife dept. Luckily I’m on over 5 acres, so I could probably get one. The dern critters ignored the hubs’ donation to the cause and the Deer Off and the Irish Spring soap, and got after the peas and munched on my kohlrabi, too, while I was out of town this weekend. Arg. At least they have ignored my tomatoes so far. I don’t know if the peas will even produce anything now that the ends are picked off. I could always just pull them all and put in more pole beans,…

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Finally Fire

We finally got the fireplace mantle up. Let’s not talk about the argument we had when Jared hung it on the wall like a picture frame, 1/2” off the ground. Let’s just talk about how great it looks: I think it turned out nicely, and miraculously our marriage is still in tact. This is a Pearl Fireplace. I got the tile in Woodbridge at Floor and Decor. I was going to grout but decided it would be too difficult to remove later since there’s a significant overlap of the tile and the edges of the fireplace insert, so the tile is caulked between the spaces. I hope it makes it easier to remove later if we ever decide to change…

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Oh, Deer

I usually don’t have any trouble with deer in the yard. I guess the buffet bar I’ve planted has proven to be too much for them this year. Sydney wanted to go to get ice cream last night (“Let’s dress up, mom, because it’s my next to last day of school!”) and so we loaded her and the boys up and went to Sonic. When we arrived home Jared saw a deer. I didn’t think much of it until I went out this morning and saw this: I’ve been making all sorts of violent threats all day long. What I really did was spray some Deer Off I had in the shed. I hope that it works. Today’s harvest was…

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