3 Nephi 1-10

3 Nephi 1 This morning I didn’t prepare a lesson.  A family in our ward’s house burned to the ground the afternoon before this lesson, and not everyone survived the fire.  I expected to have to answer some pretty serious questions from students related to the fire, and so I prepared by reading a couple of articles on grief and tragedy; however, it didn’t seem to be as much of an issue.  Frankly, the kids seemed to not want to talk much about it.  I did handle a few questions and we did have a brief discussion, but it was not was I was expecting.  Maybe our family was just hit harder because we know the family well and because…

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CSI Zarahemla Dead Body

Helaman 1-16

 Helaman 1-5 Had to combine this day due to snow. We continued with March Madness.  Kids shared “what did you learn”s with the class from the reading. On the board I wrote the following words: trolling, bullying, picking, teasing, joshing, joking, criticizing, gossiping, ridiculing, make fun of, judging I opened with a short discussion about what God sounds like (Helaman 5:28–31) and what that teaches us about God.  One point I made was that in this passage God speaks to those who need to repent in a kind tone of voice.  He could be shouting “repent”, but he isn’t.  He speaks in a way that pierces souls. After that we read Helaman 3:25, 25.  Things are going well, but then…

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