Month: February 2014

Alma 32 plus disaster recovery

Well.  This was not the best Seminary lesson.  I was so excited, too. I have to say that I’m not quite sure what went wrong. I have two new students, one of whom is testing me, another student who is trying to get the new student to notice her at any cost, another whose feelings

Alma 31

Today’s lesson went well despite a minor snafu — I nearly slept in! I woke up rested, which as all you Seminary teachers know is an unusual and unfamiliar state in your life during winter.  It took a few moments to register that I was probably feeling good because somehow I had slept in.  It

Alma 27-30

These past few days are the first I’ve felt I had both feet solidly undeneath me since November.  Just when I thought I was getting a grip, our family careened headlong into another crisis. The strain has just been so much.  I collapsed again into a deep depression with a short triggered relapse while Jared