Month: November 2013

Jacob 5 Part 1 and 2

I did Jacob 5 differently than the manual.  The manual is set up for students who have not read Jacob 5, but as you know, the kids in my class read the text and so “discovery” type activities just don’t work for them.  How horrible would it be for me to ask kids to slog

Cell Phones in Seminary Class

Electronic Device Use of Electronic Scriptures Survey Report, 2012-2013 By Jenny Smith Note from the Author: I originally gave Russell Simon permission to publish this paper on his blog this past summer. Due to some (frankly silly and inconsistently applied) requirements from Seminaries & Institutes, Brother Simon set all Seminary related items on his blog

2 Nephi 31-Jacob 4

This has been a fun few days for me in class.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m back in the groove or because the stress level is back down or what, but things have been good.  The only issue has been that I’m barely keeping ahead of the lessons.  I did get two lessons

Hey, God

So this was quite a day.  My investigator asked to be included in our devotional and prayer rotations, so I added her name to our prayer bucket.  Today her name was drawn for opening prayer.  I asked if she was okay praying, and she said “Yeah, but don’t be expecting a fancy prayer.” I laughed

2 Nephi 29-30, Flex Day

2 Nephi 29-30 Today I used the ideas from Teaching the Book of Mormon Part One to teach my lesson.  I loved the Fred example from the book and modified it into a comic strip form so that every kids could participate in finding a respoonse to someone who may not be interested in the

2 Nephi 27-28

2 Nephi 27 Due to some unforseen circumstances, I was completely unprepared ahead of time for this lesson. I had prayed to the Lord to let him know I had been doing my best, but I just could not get the lesson prepared, and went to bed.  I HATE having the kids come without a

2 Nephi 20-26

Tomorrow is election day which is a holiday here in the Commonwealth, and so I’ve got a bit of a break tomorrow.  Time to catch up on the blog. 2 Nephi 20-24 This morning a couple of kids had questions about BYU applications and Seminary endorsements.  I showed them the form I filled out and